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  1. I am truly hacked off with the RAC having been a member for over 40 years. Not with their service as (kiss of death point about to be made) I have rarely had to use it, but with their pricing policy. Like most insurance companies they renew at highest rate until you squeak, then miraculously reduce the price. Trying to use Tesco club card vouchers to pay is a joke, top price only. You get the idea. So, the question, is it better to get bundled recovery etc through the club panel insurers for the Spitfire insurance with recovery etc for 1 X modern, 1 X classic (Spitfire) & 1 X very rarely u
  2. Cliff, go into your original post, click on the three dots in the top right, you can then edit your post including the title and sub groups.
  3. Wow, I thought that it would have been outlawed by now. So many good things have (pauses for nostalgia break)..…
  4. What is the best penetrating oil these days. I remember plusgas but that was in the dark ages. I may even have some in the shed somewhere
  5. I realise now that I am a trend setter!! I have Ik*a bedroom furniture boxes in the garage...under the Spitfire. Mathew's are obviously on their way to his eventually. They make great floor protectors and warmer to lie on than concrete.
  6. I am also thinking of replacing this pipe but am worried about shearing of the old connector which I suspect is rusted in. What is the best way of treating the joint before gently swinging on it? No gorilla tactics, I can almost feel the joint fracturing as I try to unfasten it.
  7. I have loads of jobs that really require removal of the cover but can't face all the hassle at the moment. Maybe over the winter.
  8. People have been arrested for that sort of thing.
  9. Hope it's worth it. Not really a spare part story but went from the Manchester to Anglesey twice when getting the new mini wolf. That was definitely worth it, that was before they shut Wales.
  10. If you are fibreglassing your tunnel cover I suggest that you place the cover on a flat board which has been covered with silicone release paper. You know, the stuff on the back of sticky backed plastic and other things. You can even tape together some sheets of onion board paper together. This should provide a very flat base for your cover, plus should be dead easy to peel off (if you used the correct side of the paper). It won't help if you have a wobbly floor.
  11. 'Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses' ...wonderful things. I wonder if you can get a windscreen made using the same technology?
  12. This is the value of the search function. So many threads drift off onto other very interesting things. This is why I always have a quick look on most new posting. A thread on say Vitesses doesn't really do much for me, but when it drifts onto tyres or led lights, then it does. This is one of the reasons that I keep most of my appeals for help in one place on my restoration thread, so that I can, hopefully, refer back. In fact it's a bit like Colin's comments about listings on fleabay. You never know what is going to turn up on a particular listing.
  13. If you search on say... Triumph Spitfire -(red, blue, green) it should list all the Spitfire (including parts, planes etc) listings except those colours including parts . If you leave out the minus sign it should list only those colours.
  14. Iain - Apologies for not explaining. A snipe site is one that you join up to and give them the details of the item you want to bid for, along with your maximum bid. The free site that I use puts the bid in 8 seconds before the end of the listing (you can pay to upgrade to a paid version which can put your bid in up to 2 seconds before the close). Fleabay then accepts your bid, compares it with others that are going through and if your bid turns out to be the best, you win and pay up. If, in the case of my example previously, I put in a maximum snipe bid of £950 which was what I was prepared to
  15. Yes, and dare I say, look what she ended up with....... Goes to prove that you can't win 'em all. As for missed fleabay bids... (see several other threads), snipe it and wait to see if you win, then pay up.. simples. Never start a bidding war, every time you get outbid you have to pay more. Said it so many times, decide what its worth to you, bid by snipe site, even the free sites put the bid in 8 seconds before close. If you loose, then it was too expensive... next! Got £1500 worth of PA kit for something like £175. My top snipe bid was £950. It works well, its not for everyone but cert
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