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  1. Colin- What can I say. What a brilliant result. It has all been worth it. Go out, find some petrol, get a bank loan if needed. Go out and drive the thing all day and ENJOY. You totally deserve it. Well done.
  2. Sadly only the plastic cover. Does not include the springy thingies inside or any other metal bits. I must get around to photographing and posting my el cheapo rock bottom bargain basement version.
  3. Would the camping mat foam which is a closed cell waterproof type product work?
  4. If the night dimmer is like the Spitfire version, simply disconnect the power energising lead. Not sure which one it is but someone will be along soon to tell. Then you can leave everything as is.
  5. I've said it before, so here we go again... One man's junk is another man's rare part...why is my garage full of everyone else's rare parts?
  6. Don't forget to put the nut on (the correct way around) before you make the flare. A bit like wiring up a rubber plug and then remembering you should have fitted the cover onto the cable (the right way around) before tightening the connections and cable grip.
  7. How many of us have got bits of other people's cars salted away in our garage/workshops?
  8. Sooo.... 'Just in time' stock control is not something that the shop subscribes to then. More a case of.... do we list it? Do we have it? Can we find it? What the **** is it? How much is it? Where's Angie? Can we put in through the computer? Sod it - it's been paid for just send it out!! If we find so something we don't recognise, ask Mathew to put it on his forum thread...someone will identify it!!
  9. Just what has gone wrong or is it just a question of inertia? I would have though that any out of stock situation for any length of time would have been flagged for deletion if stock was no longer available or wanted.
  10. Badwolf


    Danny - Sorry but I need to clarify, are you saying that Parkside (Lidl) batteries are interchangeable with Ferrex (Aldi) tools or just interchangeable with other Parkside 20v tools? If they are interchangeable with the Aldi range, guess where I'm off to tomorrow!!
  11. Only one place to go...Park Lane Classics
  12. Badwolf

    Spitfire Lay Up

    +1 for the clutch pedal. Cut a length of timber and wedge between the pedal and the raised floor in front of the drivers seat. Mine (Spitfire), was solid after layup and nothing I could do would free it off.
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