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    Sorry Dick, I have obviously offended you which was never my intention..my apologies. You are, of course correct, that there is absolutely no excuse for challenging rudeness with further rudeness, for this I also apologise to the forum, as that makes me no different from those I have challenged. Perhaps in the light of this, it is time I should move on along with ClassicLife and others.
  2. ...and, of course, heavy duty ground anchors. I once left a gazebo out overnight. You know the scene, party, too much to drink, do it in the morning. We found it eventually, in the pond. Amazingly undamaged, but lesson learned.
  3. Well done Pete. I suggest that you might want to reinforce the joints at some stage with something like 3" angle brackets (or bigger), and make sure that the structure is easily dismantleable, just incase some jobsworth starts quoting local planning regs for 'permanent constructions'. Looking great, now no excuses to crash on.
  4. Badwolf


    Spitfire6 - I quote my original post regarding hydrogen, which was bizarrely taken to task by someone who likes to think that he knows it all and obviously doesn't, by showing his ignorance. My comments were made to point out the dangers of using hydrogen which were highlighted (no pun intended - this is a serious comment) by the airship disasters of so long ago. I assume that all the relevant safety rules in place at the time, were correctly followed, but as we all know, these 'safeguards' may not be good enough and are only found wanting when it is too late (Grenfell Towers being a very sad example). Now if anyone wants to misquote and make any smart ars*d comments about that, please... don't bother
  5. Pete - Over the last couple of days we have used one of those very big garden umbrellas, in conjunction with a removable three pointed (four arm versions are available for a silly price) alloy, folding clothes line https://www.amazon.co.uk/Addis-35-3-Arm-Rotary-Airer/dp/B0045F9I5E/ref=sr_1_11?crid=2B58891FQW2WK&dchild=1&keywords=rotary+washing+lines&qid=1626634253&sprefix=Rotary+%2Caps%2C272&sr=8-11 with a sheet clipped across the top (use a tarp if raining). Hardley glamping but it keeps the sun off and stores easily. Should be quite cheap from the Poundland type of shop. You could even take the brolly with you on your travels in due course. You could get two brollies instead of the clothesline. Just a couple of ideas to try to help and cut down on the work.
  6. Ok. Just a thought. Good luck with the replacement.
  7. Paula - Off the wall thinking, did you ever fit that electronic distributor thingy, could that have anything at all to do with it?
  8. Badwolf


    I don't understand your comment. Stop being a ridiculous smart a*se and make some sense, otherwise don't bother. Back to using the 'ignore trolls' (or, should that be a thrush) button.
  9. Keep at it, my cousin used to say, whatever you have, make the most of it, 'cause you're a long time dead. He's actually quite a happy sort of bloke!!
  10. Pete - Take heart, things will get better. Look to the future, the open roads, stopping when and where you want, look forward to and then live the dream. I did, and (1 Spitfire not withstanding) I am there. It has taken years of mistakes some very, very, expensive, but now that I am there I can see that it was worth it. No the Spit will probably never get done nor the hardtop, but in my case they are diversions that will get cleared up by others, but my life is for the living, I am content, I can only wish the same for your good self.
  11. Badwolf


    To those of a certain age hydrogen brings up the thoughts, rightly or wrongly, of the airship disasters and the fires which destroyed them and took so many lives, when the hydrogen ignited.
  12. Badwolf


    Not sure where you put the batteries in?? ..bet it growls though!!!
  13. I was recommended polybush buttons at the time my leaf spring was in bits but could never find any or anything similar.
  14. ...and how much would be saved in weight, fuel consumption and all the rest, including end of life recycling if all the 'bloatware' just stayed on the drawing board?
  15. Badwolf


    I read a report this morning about the use of EVs and hydrogen fuel in Formula 1 cars. It brought a great mental picture of recharging an F 1 car during a race. Mental picture was something like the scene of the resurrection of Frankenstein's monster in the Hammer film
  16. ..and I thought that mine was off center and a perculiar shape!!
  17. I thought that the spring went between the door panel and the card. Something here a couple of weeks ago... https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/8471-triumph-2000-window-winder-handle/?tab=comments#comment-121879
  18. My 1300 spit has a horn relay, maybe it shouldn't. Had a problem when recomissioning the car a few years ago. Even when connecting the units directly to the battery one sounded like a strangled cat. Finally managed to find that the culprit was crud on the contacts. Mine also had adjusters on the horn case which were also crudded up. You can strip down the horn units, I have done it. Inside they are very simple. I have photos somewhere. Drill out the rivets and replace with suitable bolts. Fiddly, but worth the effort. Have a look here.. https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/2580-horn-unit-faulty/?tab=comments#comment-23941 ..there may be something that might help.
  19. I fitted my own but that was about 30 years ago. I don't remember to many problems. As Clive says, get the punch and die kit. Your local areas members may have one you can borrow. A minor point is that my body studs (no, not those!!) were not symmetrical and I only realised when it was to late. One is about 1cm out of true, so measure carefully. Same with the support bars. If fitting vinyl a nice sunny day helps the fit. Don't know about the posher materials.
  20. My weird logic would put the join at the top. Not to be awkward, but it would get marginally less water running over it (no water spill from the windscreen/wipers) plus any leaks can be more easily spotted and dealt with rather than running unseen down the back of the crashpad, dash and the inside of the front bulkhead.
  21. Seat out of car - Seat all the way forward, undo two rear runner bolts, then seat all the way back wards, undo two front bolts, which in my case was a little difficult due to the seat foam spreading over the head of the bolt. Then lift out. When you replace the seat, I found that it was useful to have an assistant push the seat foam out of the way so that the spanner doesn't mark the cover, but that may just have been a one off in my case.
  22. However you get it done, you will certainly not regret it until you realise that you are sitting 2 to 3 inches higher on the seat. I think that when I fitted my new covers, I turned them inside out and sort of rolled them down over the foams, a bit like the old trick of turning socks inside out to help put them on (well, that's how my Mum did them - socks, not seats!!). I did put a piece of new hessian under the bottom foam and drew it up around the sides to hide the odd bit of foam that could be seen around the base. I too, should have pulled the ties a bit tighter but didn't want to tear the cover, but it looks neat and smells nice.
  23. As for SM (social media), if Mark Z and Jack D and their business associates, were held personally responsible for the damage they had caused to society, with a threat of jail or financial penalties, thing would change very rapidly. If anyone else provided a soapbox for such abuse, the authorities would be down on them like the proverbial.
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