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Melted Windscreen Wiper Switch thing! 1976 1500 Spit


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Hi all again, I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while. Good! I hear you say.....

So, I have the square windscreen wiper switch and behind the dash is a multi-spade switch connector thing. As I was replacing my throttle cable I noticed a spade connector hanging loose. I saw an empty spade on said thing and connected it to it as I thought I had knocked off the spade. Unfortunately, It had no business being connected and it melted the wiring out nearly causing a fire and melting the plastic so badly the spade connectors came adrift. So, I spoke to Rimmers and they don't sell the said melted plastic thing. It comes as part of a full wiring loom. Does anyone have spare one or a donor car they can cut it out of for me please?

I'm willing to pay for it of course.....

Many thanks all......






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Ok Charlie... first things first as typing it will help me clear the confusion!! :)

Photos - upload them to the site using the 'choose files' link; I had to download yours then alter the ending to .jpg before they'd open. From what I can make out you've possibly melted the rear of the switch? Replacements are relatively easy to find second-hand:


If it's the part behind the switch, that larger rubber-covered bit on the loom towards the centre/bottom, it looks like a resistor or the like, possibly for the two-speed wipers? you may be able to do without it if you don't mind single-speed only but I'll attach one of your photos so that those in the know can identify and advise. There's a bit of melted cabling further back; hard to see how bad it is so can't advise at present whether to cut it out and replace or just re-wrap it in good insulating tape. Keep a good supply of fuses handy!


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