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Chassis outriggers for Mk3 GT6


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I need two new outriggers for my Mk3 GT6 chassis.


Outriggers from Rimmer's cost £46 + Vat each.  Canleys sell them at £58 + Vat each.


Does anyone know why there is a £12 + vat difference (£24 + Vat per pair)?  


Do Canley's use better quality steel (thicker gauge)? Is the quality better?........or isn't there any difference at all (except the price)?




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I'm interested in this as I got an advisory about an outrigger on a recent MOT. My experience is that Canleys are often cheaper than Rimmers, on common parts. However, I had to replace my servo, Rimmers was £102,  Canleys, £157 for a supposedly identical item. I got the Rimmers but had a few problems with it, the build quality was poor and I suspect their offerings are from different sources. Probably the same with the outriggers.

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I was wrong so apologies for misleading anyone or doing anyone a disservice.


Canleys inc Vat are £58.15

Rimmers inc Vat are £56.00


and  James Paddock are £51.00


So not much difference between Canleys and Rimmers but Paddocks are a few quid chaper.

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