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Rear hatch seal

Dave the tram

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Any recommendations for buying new rear hatch seals and any experiences with these from the big suppliers? My GT6 has always tended to get an exhaust smell if I drive with the windows open. Usually having the fan on full through the face vents works quite well on my car in hot weather, but any combination of windows seems to create a slight vacuum, hence fumes get sucked in I think. It’s only a bit but noticeable so not at all healthy.

I’ve tried sealing around the tail lights and other other random holes, and now have standard twin tail pipe instead of sports box (needed some quiet on the long journeys) but that’s made no difference. Electrical tape to seal the hatch from outside just about cures it so will fit a new seal. Also, the hatch sits a little proud of the body but can’t seem to make the catch pull it any tighter.



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cant advise but there has been a lot of "well it looks close" seals sold not many are the correct section 

there are some suggestion on here but i have not used search   this proud hatch is pretty common but not how it should be 

best supplier is CO Baines  ther make them all its finding the right section/extrusion from their vast aray of seals profile available 



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Getting a cosy fit for the tailgate seal on GT6 can be a most trying experience and, as it turned out for me, expensive.

One thing is for sure; If you buy a part designated as specifically a GT6 tailgate seal from any of the Triumph suppliers it will most likely not fit. What you will get is some generic Top Seal that you could have bought from Baines for half the price.

What determines the correct seal is (of course!) the gap between the inner face of the gate and the lip on the aperture itself.  This can vary a lot depending what, aesthetically, looks like the best fit in the context of the vehicle. For example, on my current GT6 the 'best fit' was to shim under the hinges by about 3mm to get a good line flowing from the roof panel.

In the end, and after £££s wasted, I found that a Top Seal with a 10mm upstand was best. But I only got there by buying a variety of  one yard sections from various places with heights of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and proceeding by trial and error 'till i got the best fit. Places I used included Baines, Woolies, East Kent Trim and Holden.

What is a 'cosy' fit on the seal can be assessed by fitting a test section and closing the 'gate with a sheet of A4 paper trapped in between. If the paper is loose then the seal is too thin, but if it can't be pulled out at all then that's too tight.

And, of course, GT6 tailgates should sit prim and proper in the aperture. 'Puffed out' upsets what is for me a genius bit of rear end styling.


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