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Vitesse radiator cap


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The pressure is deveopled in heating and raises the boiling point of water above the normal 100c

the higher the pressure the higher the boiling point


dont ask by how much , someone else will find that out.


the engine will run fine with eg. No cap but if she gets hot you need the reserve

there, s also some physics about the pressure aiding the coolant taking on the heat from the castings

surface contact


same as you eeh ahh ooh picking up a hot potatoe, rather than grab the swine with a iron grip and

really go pink


So stick to the spec , its there for a good reason and with rad caps there is also a number of different sprung seal heights to suit differing filler neck depths and single or double cap seals for semi sealed systems



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I had a similar issue when buying a new cap for my Vitesse Mk2, my local motor factor had it listed as 7 psi as well. Happily he also had a suitable 13psi cap, when I read my workshop manual it does appear that some GT6 and Mk1 Vitesse did run 7psi caps.


As an aside, would you believe that someone could or would even be bothered to bodge a rad cap? Because they did on mine, the return valve was missing and the centre spindle had been soldered to the cap. 

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