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Vitesse 6 rear axle output shaft bolts


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I am looking into a whining / grinding noise under load on my 1966 Vitesse 6. I have looked at the diff drive shaft uj's and replaced them but the noise remains & I fear it is the diff itself. 

Looking at the diff output shaft flanges they have 5/16" bolts but looking at the Vitesse 1600 parts illustrations on Rimmers it shows 3/8 diameter bolts, have I got a 13/60 diff and drive shafts or did triumph put 5/16" bolts on the 1600 Vitesse and the parts list is wrong? 

What is the diff serial number prefix for a Vitesse and herald diff???


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Thanks Pete, looks like it has had a rear axle and drive shaft swap!

Any thoughts on the rear end noise, it is a grinding noise only under load uphill and disappears if I take my foot off the throttle or dip the cluch, it sounds like its in the centre of the car around the handbrake or rear of it???

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I would have a look at the handbrake run the compensator lever is near the prop


also check the exhaust route , these can all make contact with torque changes from the engine ,

always the cheap and easy options first ,


doesnt sound like diff 


if you are worried about the 5/16 you can drill them out and fit 3/8 bolts


there are other small changes inside and on some of the output stubs   but if its lasted so far , dont get too carried away


early HB diffs had a small dia output shaft that could shear, later were all bigger diameter, what prefix is on the diff ??





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Pete, it looks like I have found the culprit....

The propshaft has a contact mark running around it and after pulling it out it has been hitting the underside of the handbrake reinforcement panel in the tunnel. 

It looks like the cause is shot forward differential rubber mounts, with the car on axle stands the rubber mounts are free to spin and have a gap above them of about 50 thou.

I will change the mounts for poly ones and replace a notchy prop shaft UJ then see how I get on but with a lack of parts, tomorrows trip to Duxford  will not happen  :(

Oh the diff is a GE so as I read it it is a 13/60 dif (GE93007)

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