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  1. I may have said this before, but I was an apprentice and worked for several years in Banner Lane (Massey Ferguson) in the early 1970s. Quite a lot of the office furniture was still marked 'Standard Motors'
  2. Someone in another club has recommended Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure. I thought they were joking but it's quite genuine. The name will lead to all sorts of innuendo but has anyone tried it?
  3. I've got a leak in the bottom corner of the windscreen. It got really wet in the rain yesterday. The rubber seal is in good condition but I fitted it dry with no sealer. What's the best way to seal it, preferably without removing the screen ?
  4. A useful free program to record onto PC and save as almost any file format, including MP3, is Audacity. https://www.audacityteam.org/
  5. PeterH


    Ah but I do have motorbike licence and you never know........ Also I think there is something - not sure now - about towing. My Passport expired when I stopped travelling for work - not been abroad since.
  6. PeterH


    I'm going to have to work out how to do this this year. I'm still on a paper licence so I've got to get a photo and get it approved - fortunately a neighbour is a retired copper. I've been told to make sure all my permitted groups are included, otherwise you only get the basic car.
  7. My local garage, that is also an MOT test centre, did a 'Visual Inspection' on the Spitfire. Gave me a comprehensive written report. I will get them to do that again for the Mini. It doesn't include irrelevant stuff like rear seat belts, rear fog lamp or emissions. But did include important things like brake test, lights, corrosion etc.
  8. PeterH


    I've checked the Mini. It's shown as taxed. But not MOT'd. I'd declared it MOT exempt. It was convenient to do this just to get it taxed as it had been SORN'd. But I will get it MOT'd.
  9. Anybody had any experience of the DVLA recently? I taxed my Mini at the Post Office on 1st April and applied to change the Tax group to historic. The Post Office sent the logbook away. A month later and I've not had it back. I wondered when I should start to worry.
  10. One job I remember was making exhausts for the aircraft towing tractors used on deck when we had aircraft carriers. That was before the standard specified 316 and we were using an even lower grade of stainless: 3CR12. The Navy compained they were rusting and we had to give a 'Life Time' guarantee. The suppliers of 3CR12 (Actually made in South Africa) gave us the corrosion figure and we worked out it would take something like 100+ years before the metal acutally perforated.
  11. 409 stainless is ferritic. It will surface rust. It is magnetic and is the grade often used for exhausts. 304 is austenitic - non magnetic and generally won't rust. 316 is even better and used in marine environments.. The company I used to work for make exhaust spark arresters. They have to be made of 316 for safety reasons, but we used to make general industrial exhausts (fork lift trucks, gen sets etc.) and used 409. Incidentally I knew Ron Bell of Bell silencers quite well as a customer of some of our components. He retired before I did so that must be 10 years +
  12. PeterH


    Lets get back to jokes:- A priest, a pastor and a rabbit entered a clinic to donate blood. The nurse asked the rabbit "What is your blood type?" The rabbit answered "I'm probably a Type O"
  13. PeterH


    Now people can go the their second homes we've seen more of the 'Chelsey Tractor' brigade (Grockles) down here in South Devon. Huge tanks of a vehicle, takes up must of the lane and they've no idea how to reverse. And its going to get worse with people staying in the UK for summer holidays. Son-in-law is a agricultural contractor. Meet him in a lane with a combine harvester and expect him to reverse !!. He's been known to get out and reverse the car for them.
  14. I did try lacquer on a metalic on another car several years ago. Not sure what it was now but not 2 pack. It was lifting and looked awful after a couple of years.
  15. When I rebuilt the Spitfire I sprayed it with cellulose paint. (Did it myself in garage so didn't want to use 2 pack for HSE reasons. ) I'm now finding that water drops are leaving a mark. It's almost as if the water is dissolving the paint as they are almost impossible to polish out. I guess I should have re-waxed more often but has anyone else notice this effect with modern celly ?
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