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  1. I've just picked up a pack of the NHS Covid self test (lateral flow) kits. I had to smile - made in China, so they give us the virus then sell us the test kit, that's good business. Oh well, I'm just off to poke a swab down my throat.
  2. PeterH


    With the inevitable rise in electric cars with their comparatively low distance range what is needed it to bring back the old Motorrail service. Mind I've always though it a shame it no longer operates. I would quite like to tour Scotland in the Spitfire but there's no way I would drive it from Devon.
  3. Live feed on YouTube
  4. PeterH


    Just a thought. With all the pros and cons of producing hydrogen. Imagine someone came up with the idea of refining a light liquid fuel from heavy crude oil and all the process and equipment that would involve.!! Oh ...... it's been done
  5. PeterH


    Going back to hydrogen as a fuel. In Levenmouth Fife they are experimenting with hydrogen as a domestic fuel. Worcester Bosch have hydrogen compatible boilers.
  6. Diff mounts look OK. Yes I have wire wheels, but I thought that by jacking only 1 side up and with it in gear I could try rotating the wheel to see where the clunk came from. There is no noise from either wheel only the play in the diff as mentioned before.
  7. I'm still trying to cure a clunk from the back axle on take up and over run. Last year I did all the UJs (good quality replacements), I've got a rather unusual prop shaft (Frictionless) (subject to earlier post), there's a bit of play but I don't think that is enough for the clunk. Where there is quite a lot of play is in the diff. With one wheel blocked and turning the other there's quite a lot of movement and a distinct knock. I'm wondering if its the splines on the inner drive shaft. Any ideas on what is acceptable. Rimmers and Canley both say they are no longer available.
  8. PeterH


    I believe like LPG a petrol engine can easily be adapted to run on hydrogen. So providing you could get a supply you'd have to fit a pressure tank in place of the fuel tank and you would have a zero emission Spitfire, Herald or what ever.
  9. PeterH


    I remember reading, probably in The Engineer magazine at work, that when Mazda stopped commercially manufacturing the Wankel engine they retained the licence to produce it because it ran extremely well on hydrogen and they might need to reintroduce it later. And in fact a quick 'Google' show a lot of promising work is being done on this.
  10. PeterH


    Anyone with an interest in engines and the future should find this worth watching. There's a brief mention of classic cars. May be a small glimmer at the end of a long tunnel.
  11. Don't know why both ITV and BBC need to show the final at the same time. The Beeb could be showing something more exciting like a repeat of last week's Flogit.🤣
  12. Our Freesat Program guide gives the schedule. Try getting your box to re-tune. That gave me several stations information that weren't previously on.
  13. I may have said this before, but I was an apprentice and worked for several years in Banner Lane (Massey Ferguson) in the early 1970s. Quite a lot of the office furniture was still marked 'Standard Motors'
  14. Someone in another club has recommended Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure. I thought they were joking but it's quite genuine. The name will lead to all sorts of innuendo but has anyone tried it?
  15. I've got a leak in the bottom corner of the windscreen. It got really wet in the rain yesterday. The rubber seal is in good condition but I fitted it dry with no sealer. What's the best way to seal it, preferably without removing the screen ?
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