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  1. Can't remember if the club shop do them, but all the usual suspects, Canley, Paddocks, Rimmer's etc sell them
  2. andybeau

    White Vitesse

    Followed creamy white with green stripe H reg Vitesse into and out of Meriden until he pulled into Heart of England hotel. Looked very nice. Think something was going on, as I turned into Wall Hill Road a big old yank pickup almost tuck me out on the bend 🙄
  3. I decided to strip mine down and restore with less rust than that. It does beggar belief what some people think classics are worth.🙄
  4. Saw that a few years ago, one of the reasons I have a Rover V8 in my garage, but have decided to leave standard. So it will be for another project. There are a few V8 Spitfires out there too. Would love to have a go in either.
  5. Have you looked at this https://trials.sw.siemens.com/solid-edge-wiring-and-harness-design/?s_kwcid=AL!463!3!505366032197!b!!g!!electrical design software&ef_id=CjwKCAjwhaaKBhBcEiwA8acsHGS4wcFTY5ZGBFRoP8Bw-sp1qFp3eN3BMNtIMDtLp9YnADHKEiZaARoC_csQAvD_BwE:G:s&gclid=CjwKCAjwhaaKBhBcEiwA8acsHGS4wcFTY5ZGBFRoP8Bw-sp1qFp3eN3BMNtIMDtLp9YnADHKEiZaARoC_csQAvD_BwE 30day free trial
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/triumph-cars-classic-/124907680585?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 is it me or is this a tad overpriced
  7. Well my uncle told me that you have to grow old, but you can stay immature all your life. I have the bell ss exhaust from the club on my herald, well it was till I took it all apart. Nice standard system and after I think 9 years still looking good.
  8. andybeau

    Mystery Tool

    It looks like a big nail puller and it looks like it should be fixed in place. The label in the shop intrigued me. Another bit of space taken up🙄 I only looked at it as from a distance it looked like some type of pipe bender.
  9. andybeau

    Mystery Tool

    Not Triumph related, I think anyway. Went out today with SWMBO. Visited a couple of garden centres and in-between went to Whitmoors Antique Centre off the A444.Bought some 8" Record G clamps, a small gilbows and this, the description was interesting tool any ideas £10 (had to buy). So any ideas?
  10. +1 for Google on phone and always keep an old fashioned map in car just in case.
  11. Fancy painting a Herald sometime next year(hopefully), just asking 😉 Looks very nice
  12. Cheers for the replies, so it looks like I have three herald wheels and two FWD wheels. Anyone need the FWD wheels?
  13. As the title says. These are the wheels that came on my 13/60, plus trims. I changed them for alloys, so didn't take much notice of them when I removed them. I'm part way through my restoration and originally I was going to put MGF wheels on that I have and heavily modify the dash. Well when doing the dash I decided to keep it original and now I'm going towards original wheels too. So back on track I have five wheels but two styles. What have I got? Also what was the original colour of the wheels? Cheers Andy
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