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  1. I would say yes don't worry. If you fill up with E10 and are concerned put some octane booster in. Virtually all the stations around here are dry....
  2. Iain T

    Grease gun

    Thanks all, as usual invaluable information👍
  3. Iain T

    Grease gun

    I take it a used wanner is as good if not better than a new nameless version? I like the idea of reusing old stuff instead of buying new from China!
  4. Iain T

    Grease gun

    I've just searched for wanner, can you fit a flexi hose? Iain
  5. Iain T

    Grease gun

    It's about time I bought a grease and or oil gun any recommendations at a reasonable price? Iain
  6. Now I have sorted the judder it gives me more confidence in the brakes. I tried a very fast stop and with the 1144 pads brakes seem more than adequate for normal driving. The limiters now are the tyres but at 175 wide that's as far as I can go. Still have lots to fiddle with, it keeps me occupied.
  7. Yes 3 thou on the dti. Now can i fit air conditioning....??
  8. Judder sorted, it wasn't brake related but the slightly loose nearside hub. Pulls up nicely from speed I like these free fixes😁 at least I know the front brakes are fine but I do need to inspect the backs and adjust the handbrake. More grovelling under the car.....
  9. Look at the T7 Design website which gives all the dims and specs. Iain
  10. Great Movies Christmas is already on Freeview channel 51🎅🎄😵
  11. I agree but this new ULEZ is in my opinion over the top. Bus stops around here every 2-300 yards, space them out to make people walk more? Most buses here have always been virtually empty, why run them so frequent, ban private cars (only commercial, taxis allowed) from the centre of London? Lots of minor things can be done rather than this sledge hammer but they wouldn't be a cash cow!
  12. One of tens of thousands similar stories. ULEZ is just a money machine to plug TFLs huge budget deficit. We have just been advised the bus timetable has been revised. TFL are lengthening the time between buses from say 10 minutes to 12-13 minutes. About time, even pre covid the buses were almost empty and thereby consuming huge amounts of nasty diesel and emitting harmful gases. Barmy its all very two faced.
  13. So is mine, I have a spare cable and should really fit it before I pfaff around with the choke adjustment screw setting. Sealing up those air leaks at the gaskets and possibly spindles has made a big improvement on tuning the carbs. Once I've fitted a new kitchen tap I'm off to annoy the locals with a blast down the road and hopefully no brake judder as I've tightened the over loose front wheel hub🤞 Update, what should have taken me an hour to fit the tap (German tap to German tap) has taken all day! Fitting were different so off to plumbers merchants to get adaptor. Bought them but have to cut the old fittings off the 15mm copper pipe. My junior hack saw just kept getting stuck so off to Screwfix to get a pipe cutter. All done but no time (again) for a drive before the roads are clogged☹️ Occupies my days, not in a way I find fulfilling but I hate paying out for things I can do myself!
  14. Custommaderadiators make a Vitesse rad again for £450 including vat. For me it's money better spent flushing and declogging the block. However if my rad needed changing I would go aluminium.
  15. What about British? Some very good British rad specialists out there.
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