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  1. Bl**dy autofil, where are my Tena pants...?
  2. Is Stromberg site beefnmustard? These site do help the hopelessly obsessive tiddlers (me!) but there's no substitute for years of experience. Iain
  3. Somewhere in technical on the Burlen website there is a spreadsheet they use to compare SU needles. If you can't find it Burlen will help. Iain
  4. Surely it must be connected to the rear carb or petrol would p*ss out when the choke was activated? The unthreaded spindle with brass connecting bar and curly links as Paul's is simple. You could use one of the old spindles as the connecting bar and just need to buy (if you don't have any) two curly links. Iain
  5. If it works I can't comment! Playing around with your engine can cause some head scratching......see above posts! Iain
  6. Yes as far as I know the jets are all 90 thou. Iain
  7. So do but I keep forgetting to replace with rubber hose, where is my To Do list? Iain
  8. Pete, isn't the 7B needle a bit to tapered hence rich for a standard 1600? The 7Bs were too rich on my ported 2 litre. Iain
  9. I have the CDS carbs (with the choke enrichment disc on the ftont carb and a joining hose to the rear) and it seems much simpler to adjust the jet at the bottom than mucking around with the needle in the CDSE. Also you can adjust the mixture while the engine is running. Iain
  10. It was the probe that came with the DC controller, the problem was it seemed to be very inaccurate in sensing the temperature so it became a 'worry'. Couldn't be bothered to pfaff about so bought the DC in line and sensor. The old rad probe on my DC controller just unplugged and the new sensor plugged straight in. It seems as though it was designed for the probes to be changed and/or replaced if faulty. We'll done Aussie designers! Another upside with the DC in line joiner is it now has two NPT holes, one for the probe and the other can be plugged (comes in kit) or you can buy an air vent to get rid of pesky air locks. Unfortunately T7 don't at the moment sell the vents but I've advised them and they are looking to get them from DC. Iain
  11. Ian, I had problems with the 'poke in the rad fin' temperature sensor so I fitted the in line hose sensor and it cured the wayward temp control. Iain
  12. +1 for Davies Craig controller and in line temperature sensor. Works fine on my Vitesse with a Spal fan. FYI this controller is capable of controlling two fans and a 'worry' switch. Iain
  13. Colin, very similar to symptoms I had when 19 years old after a week with my mates at Bournemouth. GPs diagnosis was alcohol poisoning! Iain
  14. Adrian Golden rule.....only do one carb at a time so you have a reference should it all go t*ts up! Iain
  15. Same here only get an email for personal messages. My email box has enough daily emails I don't want anymore! Iain
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