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  1. With the launch of the TR SDF website last year, the organisation is striving to keep TR owners aware of its activities and how it can help. Alongside the work to assist with the manufacture of parts that are no longer available, two members of the team work on the Parts Quality Initiative (PQI). For those not aware of the PQI, its aims can be summed up as follows . . . "To help identify major parts related issues through the use of feedback from TR owners. To accumulate, compile and analyse factual information in order to work with suppliers to identify and replace problem components in their ranges." The PQI has now published a list of some of the issues tackled since 2014 . . . https://www.trsdf.uk/news#PQINewsUpdate130121
  2. TR7 and TR8 owners might be interested in this news that newly manufactured headlamp panels are now available. For the story of how they came to be produced: https://www.trsdf.uk/news Best wishes, Darren
  3. Yes, as Andy says, the TR SDF is a totally independent entity. To a great extent it always has been, as it had its own funds and own management. Its link with the Register was that it was set up by Register members and to begin with only Register members could support it by putting money in. In those early days, there was some benefit in terms of discounted parts, but that situation didn't continue. For many years now, parts that have been produced with TR SDF funding have been available to all at the same prices. As time went on, the ethos of the organisation became very much about helping the entire TR community, which is one of the reasons why when the fund reopens any TR owner who wishes to contribute can do so. Many people over the years have misunderstood what the fund is about, as contributors do not get discount parts or special favours by being a part of it. In fact, there's often no obvious, direct benefit at all. What contributors do get is a sense of doing something for the common good of the TR community. Best wishes, Darren
  4. Hello Colin, In answer to your question about the TR SDF Facebook page ... it is open to all (members and non members of the TR SDF alike). Please feel free to join, as it's a great way of following our projects. On your other point about doing something similar for Herald / Vitesse, I think that's a great idea. I'd like to see something like the TR SDF for all classic makes and models, anything to keep these wonderful cars on the road. We have been lucky in the TR SDF to have some extremely knowledgeable people give up their time to run things, all on a volunteer basis. It's also received great support from the TR community over the years. Everyone involved does it for no other reason than their passion for the cars. Hello Badwolf, I cannot speak for the TSSC, but in my experience many clubs shy away from getting involved in the sort of ventures that the TR SDF undertakes. As an organisation, we are unusual I think, because we have no interest in being a business, we simply help firms manufacture parts that are unavailable (by funding tooling/patterns, by lending original parts, etc.). Quality is a separate issue for the TR SDF. We in no way compete with the suppliers out there, as we would rather work with them to improve things. Alongside the TR SDF, there's also the Parts Quality Initiative. If it's found that a part is problematic, the PQI might investigate and work with suppliers to help improve it. Best wishes, Darren
  5. Thanks Colin. Although the TR SDF has only just launched its website and is now being more active in telling people about what it does, the organisation has been around for many decades in one form or another. It really is just a group of volunteers and supporters that work together to keep the cars on the road. Although we are concerned about the parts out there that are not as good quality as we would like, our main focus is on parts that are not available at all. You can read about the projects we have undertaken to date at: https://trsdf.uk/projects Best wishes, Darren
  6. Hello all, I hope everyone here is keeping well. As some here will already know, there’s an organisation called the “TR SDF”, which helps keep Triumph TRs and derivatives such as Italia, Peerless, and Swallow Doretti on the road by funding projects to remanufacture unavailable parts for these cars. It’s a non-trading, not for profit organisation. Last Friday, the TR SDF launched its website and Facebook group. The TR SDF aims to serve the entire TR community (regardless of country, TR model, or club affiliation) and works independently of any other organisation. If you’d like to find out more, please visit www.trsdf.uk And if you are on FB, please see ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/481394215834908 Best wishes, Darren
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