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  1. Thanks Colin. I’ve seen the Retro Sound models but I think they’re a bit pricey. Would rather an original or modern retro for ten to twenty quid. I can’t seem to find any, do you have any links?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a radio for my Spitfire Mk3 (1968 year). Any suggestions? Where to buy? etc..... Thank you !
  3. Thanks for the comments, tips and pics. I'm going to re paint black; the current red doesn't match the BRG body paint and black radiator. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Pete, if it was gloss then the paint has faded !! I'm in two minds whether to repaint at all and, if I do, should I keep it red or switch to black. When I bought the car (15 years ago or so) it was part through a full body off restoration and the engine paint looked fresh. I can't imagine the previous owner would have painted the engine red for the sake of it so, if that is the original colour then I'm tempted to keep it that way.
  5. Thanks for the comments so far. I don't particularly want to paint the engine but it is painted red which, was done by the previous owner about 15 years ago (the engine is actually a Dolomite 1300). It's looking a little tied and faded so I thought of painting over in black. I presume it would have been black originally.
  6. Hi, my Spitfire Mk3 engine and exhaust manifold need repainting and I was wondering whether anyone would recommend a good paint? Thanks, JM
  7. Hi Richard, thanks for the tips and after working through a few of the other excellent comments I am fairly certain it is the carbs. Weekend job sorted !! James
  8. Thanks for all your input; plenty to consider. Any others with ideas?
  9. PL - the HT and points etc look ok. The pump is also working ok as recently cleaned. The car starts perfectly well with the a turn of the key but the battery sounds a little sluggish.
  10. I omitted to mention that the engine is a 1300 Dolomite fitted by the previous owner. It can smell a little rich at times but the choke appears to return properly. I've looked at other Triumph forums and the blocked fuel tank breather is a contender. The engine can stall when the foot is gently taken off the throttle and I will try as you suggest.
  11. I have Spitfire Mk3 which when gets up to temp and running for about 45 mins - 1 hour stalls when coming to a halt. Always restarts without a problem and otherwise runs smoothly. I try and keep the revs up whilst approaching junctions/traffic lights etc but not always successful. Any ideas or thoughts or anything????
  12. Thanks for all your comments and tips; always thought Rimmer are expensive so hopefully I should save a few quid getting my Mk3 back into shape.
  13. Thanks chaps. May I ask an unrelated electrical question but I've stumbled across a company by the name of James Paddock Limited who also appear to be much cheaper than Rimmer for items such hood, carpet sets and clutch & brake cylinder. Again, any advice/comments? James
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