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  1. Is it possible that my spitfire mk 4 fitted with a 1500 engine has been fitted with a different ring gear.Since purchase I’ve discovered it’s made up of mainly 1500 parts.I’ve have not been able to start it for some time,I’ve fitted new wiring loom,up rated starter,new solenoid,tried starter (fitted loose )and it worked fine fitted starter to engine on trying to start there is just a grinding noise.is it possible it has been fitted with a different ring gear that doesn’t mesh with the starter motor I don’t know what else to try help please?


    1. AidanT


      I assume you have a standard inertia starter?

      Suggest you check it out of the car as you need to ensure inertia throws out the gear fully 

      Do you have starter leads and a bench you can test it on?

    2. AidanT


      You might want to raise a new topic on the website - you will get other views then

  2. Oh well back to the drawing board thanks anyway everyone
  3. Thanks a lot Pete will try that
  4. The solenoid was advertised as fitting up to 1980 spitfires is there any way it can be fitted to my 1500 as I’d like to have the ability to use the button starter?
  5. I have just bought a new Lucas starter solenoid sb316.it only has one small blade connector I assume for the red/white trigger wire from the starter switch.where does the wire from the coil go?. Help please thanks,this is on a spitfire 1500
  6. Thanks to you all for the advice will try and have a go at in in the next couple of days thanks again
  7. Peter I’ve tried a high torque and std Lucas starter both just make a whirring sound so I’m guessing its the ring gear As everything on the ignition side is new?
  8. Thanks for all the tips they will be a big help.
  9. any tips on taking gearbox out of 1500 spitfire.i think I have to change the ring gear ?
  10. Steve the hi torque starter was returned to the manufacturer for checking they said it was ok,the Lucas starter is brand new.?
  11. Colin I checked workshop manual and spacer is required with Lucas starter .previously I tried to fit a high torque starter with and without spacer same problem .just whirring sound?
  12. I have fitted a new main loom,starter solenoid and Lucas starter,when I try to start the starter just makes a whirring sound and doesn’t turn the engine. Any ideas please
  13. Thanks a lot that should apply to mine,I think it was built from a couple of write offs so not sure of year.
  14. What year did they change the 1500 spitfire to one flasher unit rather than one for indicators one for hazards
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