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  1. poppyman


    What a good idea, apologies for language.....
  2. I had a short trip out in my Stag today, we ran out of milk Then changed the oil when i got back. Tony.
  3. poppyman


    You are to forgiving Mark, i'm afraid i would have turned my engine off dash cam on and sat there. You normally get thay behaviour in North Wales but not that often these days. Tony.
  4. Get lower wattage bulbs Colin, no need for dimmer ..... Sorry Tony.
  5. You have to know what movement you want to enjoy Tony.
  6. poppyman


    Just wait till the "baby" is primary school age Iain, and then see the type of car needed at the school gate.... Tony.
  7. Do you mean "senokot" ? Tony.
  8. Most "fag lighters" use a 25 amp in line fuse BW . When i smoked i prefered a permanent live. The socket on my modern is only ignition fed pita if i want to plug anything in...... Tony.
  9. It's mainly caused by modern polish Pete, it has a product called "naptha" in it. You can stop it by stripping the wax polish off with white spirit or turps (test a small area first) then buff with Farecla fine compound the use a traditional Hard wax and should stop it happening. I had the same problem with a blue woleseley. It's either that or dry the car before the sun is on the rain beads. Tony.
  10. We have our pictures on the wall Colin.......We don't have to go anywhere to look at them. Tony.
  11. Cling film the bottom of the tray BW saves having clean the tray out, don't use cheap cling film though Shall we talk about wallpapering now??? Tony.
  12. They stayed at home and died of Covid, I think a car accident would be a better way to go if i had to choose. To late now i've had mine Tony.
  13. Statistically, if 3 million people are getting the vaccine one of them will die in a car accident on the way home. So ... the vaccine causes car accidents. Pass it on........Sad isn't it....
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