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  1. Thanks Chris. Your idea about installing the glass at a slight tilt sounds good. Think I’ll resort to this if no other tinkering fixes it. Al
  2. The screen fits perfectly. It’s true that I’ve performed major surgery on the car (27 panels incl doors and boot lid) but the doors are fine. It’s so slight that I may just fine a way to stop the last few mil of travel.
  3. Ha, sorry, would help if I stated the model! 1980 Spitfire. Here’s a pic of the issue. Wondering if just to stop the window from coming up the last few mil may be the solution?
  4. Thanks Keith. I’ve moved the adjusters as much as it seems they do. Will add a pic later. A
  5. Hi All. My windows are too far forward at the top so, fully wound, catch the windscreen gutter. Same both sides. Any ideas? Door fit is good. Have just reinstalled after car rebuild. thanks Al
  6. Used Pete’s ‘short pipe’ method as suggested. Perfect. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I took the novel approach of putting the weather seals in first, then the internals. Slid the glass in last. Only works if you’ve been able to free the glass from the channel! still got sore fingers though...
  8. Took the bigger rivets annd file the heads option. Perfect! Thanks for the ideas.
  9. Thanks All, will try again this weekend. Build up progressing
  10. Thanks. I’ll take a look. Must be a better solution than the rivets.
  11. Hi All. Fitting new poppers to my spit body and door. The pop rivets from Rimmers won’t pull tight / too short for the job. Anyone else had issues and found a solution? thanks Al
  12. Is there a reason why the seals couldn’t go in first? If the glass is just slide in to the bottom what would be the issue? Might be easier on the fingers?
  13. Thanks. I’d been pondering when to install the seals. Last does sound a challenge...
  14. There’s a chap who regularly advertises Spit refurbed on eBay, Gloucestershire direction. I got a brilliant new set for about £90. Expect he’d do a Herald
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