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  1. Dave, Replaced mine with some hose in the kit when I fitted a Mishimoto oil catch can. The old ones were very flexible and soft. Iain
  2. On Pete's recommendation I've just used Carburettor Exchange at Leighton Buzzard. Good work at reasonable prices, but don't expect them back in a week! They install spindle bushes/seal as standard, they said it's easier than people complaining! The difference in being able to tune is chalk and cheese. Iain
  3. Mine was registered 13th November 1968 so one of the first Mk2's? Or given the usual crossover of parts a Mk1 1/2! Iain
  4. Iain T

    Engine mounts

    When my engine was rebuilt I changed the mounts as although on 5 years had l done less than 5k miles and were splitting. The new ones were from Rimmers or Paddocks but this seems to be a recurring problem. Please keep us informed. Iain
  5. Totally agree, you need the correct tools and machinery to do it correctly. I didn't want to take the chance. Iain
  6. I had mine done at Carburetor Exchange as part of a refurb. There is a guy in Chelmsford Essex that will ream and fit bushes, I think he quoted me ยฃ70-80. I deleted his email only yesterday! Iain
  7. Your car also had Triumph on the bonnet and not the Vitesse badge. I assume it's a mk1, hence the grille, mine is a G reg '68 mk2. I like the colour! Iain
  8. I have the Mk1 grille as fitted by the PO and the rear bumper is also body colour. I'm keeping both as I like the look. Iain
  9. Cheers, so to return to standard I'll need to ditch the rear spotlamp and fit the fluted panel (I like those), the Triumph badge and boot light cluster (no idea if they are available). I've already discarded the twin extra front spotlamps as all they did was block the radiator aperture! Methinks the PO tried too hard... Iain
  10. Thanks Gary my bonnet is correct but I believe the saloon boot badges are different to the convertible and no ali cover? Iain
  11. I'm trying to ascertain the correct bonnet and boot badges for a saloon. My bonnet has a Vitesse badge by nothing on the boot as the PO fitted a rear spotlamp on the rhs. On the side of the wings are union Jack's which I quite like and wouldn't replace. Iain
  12. Thanks will do, a job for the boring winter months! Iain
  13. That's a phrase I don't understand๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜‚ Cheers
  14. Paul, was it the two part JB Weld? Iain
  15. If you want to go high tech you can also get reusable heat absorbant putty. Loads on any Google search. 30+ years ago I had a demo using putty developed by NASA for the space shuttle. The rep put a line of putty on a piece of sheet steel heated one side cherry red then picked it up with his fingers from the other side! Iain
  16. Others have suggested this, so going to Colin's photos on page 1 of this topic just run some solder around the joint shown on the first photo? Iain
  17. Iain T

    Exhaust hanging

    On my Vitesse I there is a strap attached I think to one of the diff casing bolts and at the other end a U bolt near the exhaust Y piece. The straps are available from many suppliers. Iain
  18. One of Doug's sites ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  19. The small red patch from the Redline diff oil looks as if there was a fatality..... I'm err not a cat lover....
  20. OK I've taken another look and now the suns out๐Ÿ˜Ž I can see I have Tex 5.2mm arms with bayonet fit blades. Measuring the distance between them parked there is enough gap to fit 12". This would give a slightly better sweep, has anyone tried 12"? Taking Pete's advice an upgrade to 7mm wide arms with presumably stiffer springs would better hold the blade against the screen. Iain
  21. Paul, I have a Huco electric pump and still do exactly as you! Iain
  22. Iain T


    Remember searching for Teletext holidays?
  23. Sticky cable? When I first got my car it had a high tick over until I discovered the cable wasn't sitting correctly in the retaining bracket. Iain
  24. At a show a few years ago youngster asked me what that thing was, I said a carburetor! Can't blame him but it makes you smile how things have changed.
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