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  1. I used the uprated 12" Spal fan with Davis Craig controller and temperature sensor. I fitted using some 1mm thick galv sheet brackets and brackets from T7 Design. Very good, takes a minute to drop temp 5 degrees. EP Services had to mod my water pump to give me clearance. Iain
  2. The cylinder is quite tight in the horizontal surface. I might tack weld a flat verticle spine along its length and to both end flanges to stiffen it up. Iain
  3. I was bored again so fitted a Mishimoto XL (off ebay for £100) oil catch tank. It fits quite nicely next to the clutch MC. The hoses are also from Mishimoto but the clips they supplied are rubbish. The hose arrangement is my best first shot but will at least work. As I have a newly refurbed engine/head I want to reduce the amount of oily fumes it regurgitates. I made the bracket from 3mm Ali and used 2 x 6mm rivnuts in the bulkhead. Now I know it fits I might replace with s/steel bracket. I put a rubber pad under the tank to stop any slap n tickle on the horizontal bulkhead surface. I tried to post this yesterday but it wouldn't upload 😡. Still having lots of problems after the update. Iain
  4. Are all the plugs sooty? Is there a difference between the front and back three?
  5. Iain T


    I like the Italian sense of humour. On tv try Montalbano or The Mafia only Kills in Summer (this is superb on Walter Presents C4). Both have darker then very funny moments. Iain
  6. Probably yes, those taken at home just put in the normal rubbish. My wife had to take a lft and the instructions are clear.
  7. I have a Phoenix 631 and had to slightly move the rack over and put a small depression in one of the tubes in the manifold to get it to fit. It is very tight......but sounds great with a sports box. Iain THE POSTING GREMLINS STRIKE AGAIN..... TWICE!
  8. I have a Phoenix 631 and had to slightly move the rack over and put a small depression in one of the tubes in the manifold to get it to fit. It is very tight......but sounds great with a sports box. Iain
  9. With targeted and high testing it's not surprising we capture many positive cases. Therefore comparing UK stats to other countries that have lower testing and basing movement etc on cases per 100k seems false logic. Perhaps I'm being too simple in my analysis?
  10. From a poor start ain't we done well! Is our high case count compared to other countries due to our high test per capita?
  11. Landfill sites together with billions of masks and nitrile gloves? That is apart from those littering the roads and pavements here😡 I found the wrapping from a lft swab in our car park yesterday, why?!?! Iain
  12. I never had to, I was a good boy! Prefect and House Captain😁
  13. Absolutely take two House Points off! 😂
  14. Iain T

    Flat EV

    So the new battery was 'normal' size and fitted OK?
  15. I do have a USB power socket and once I sort out the wiring, the fuse box arrives tomorrow, I'll attempt to get some power to it. Simple enough the change to a lighter socket. I did buy a small gas powered soldering iron but that's a pile of poo! Iain
  16. Iain T

    Flat EV

    Worth knowing, I only changed my old Chinese made phone for another Chinese one because the battery didn't hold much of a charge. Iain
  17. I understand where JohnD is coming from, personally I like the banter but some may not. The one thing I would not tolerate is foul language, the occasional asterisk can mask mild blasphemy but four letter words however they be masked are unacceptable. Iain PS I've posted....
  18. Iain T

    Flat EV

    You can't replace the battery in my phone as its sealed until it self destructs or doesn't work through built in obsolescence. As to waste I read Turkey will not now take our plastic so they'll be mounds of it piling up everywhere. I cannot comprehend why people have to buy water in plastic bottles. They think they are being healthy then down a big mac in two bites! Iain
  19. If it's no good and you have deep pockets get a Rattler damper. When you turn off they sound as though all the nuts have fallen out of the engine but they do work if you're a rev fiend! Iain
  20. It happened to me, I thought the battery was gutless but the ignition light I thought went out. It was only driving through a tunnel that I could see a dim red light. Fortunately I got home and sorted out the problem which was a duff new alternator! Iain
  21. That'll be a full time job, think of the added cost!
  22. Iain T

    Flat EV

    BW you've got a greenhouse, it's all your fault😂
  23. Iain T

    Flat EV

    JCB say one of the advantages of their Hydrogen IC engine is its virtually all currently easily recyclable. Batteries are and probably will be a nightmare to recycle. Iain
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