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  1. Thank you Colin (and Pete) for the clarification and the torque setting. I now see what you mean about the front mount have a shoulder. Just needed to get it strait in my head. Had to balance the body on the swing with a heavy tool box on the front.. 😊
  2. Hi all Me again ..... well I have started over again stripped the body off and started to sort out a leak from the diff. however I have a question. some time ago I bought a set of polybushes for the coupe (black ones) I have done the front with no problems. But at the rear the front diff mounting bushes seen to be very big compared to the rubber ones that I have just taken off. I know that the rubber ones will squash down somewhat when done up and over time with uses, but they were new Stanpart units when I put them in some 20 odd years ago and the car was never finished so had never driven. And there was no slaking on the fittings to indicate wear. If I put the new polybushes in as they are, would that not push the angel of the prop down (or up?) as the diff pivots on the rear mountings. So my question is should I take a bit off the new polybushes or not. And if so how much my thinking is if the rubber ones are made the squash down to give the tension, then that’s ok for the rubber ones , but I can not see that the polybush ones will squash down to give the same tension ant the same depth, if you see what I me. Any help would be very mush appreciated. when needs must and a swing is all you have!
  3. No i was the one behind a camera, never seen to get me in the photos for some reason. 😁
  4. We have two brown standard poodles, Dolly and Jim
  5. We Had nice Day At the interclub weekend on the Saturday. I think it's the first I have been to for ten years, the last one being the Heralds 50th. talked to some very nice people. thank you all for shareing your interest, and to the TSSC for a fabulus day. we had a realy nice walk along the river and back on the old rail line with the dogs. Just a shame that my 39 year coupe project is still not on the road, but you never know next year could be the one!!!! Posted this video on youtube today. my version of "the Triumph Herald Celebrating 60 years" some links at the end to my older herald video's. hope you like it.
  6. Although my coupe is still not finished I would like to attend the show this year as it is the 6oth anniversary of the launch of the Herald. All be it in not in the herald. I can't find any T&C's for the show. my one question is are dogs allowed? Can’t believe it was 10 years ago I went to the show last and said I'll have it finished by the 60th..😲 50th anniversary video here https://youtu.be/MkBZ_y43f_0
  7. brilliant. Thank you KevinR simlpe when you know how 😁
  8. must be missing something here. I've pick at random a thread. it's taken me to the begining of that thread as it always does. so now it is shows on my screen the oldest (i.e. first post)... were is the " the date of the last update " to click on? this is what i can see.
  9. yes I do that anyway, it's just that things would be so much simpler if you could set which way around you would like the posts in a thread to be displaid. Newest or oldest post first. I find that Newest post first make it much easyer to follow
  10. I've never read all the posts, so haveing the unread post come up still means you have to search thorugh them to find the post you want to read. I see the on the new activity page there is a order option. could this not then, also be added to the normal Forum pages?
  11. well she's 60 years old 🍰 and for the last 39 years she's been resting with bit done here and bits done there, but one day she will be back on the road.🙏 best to always plan for the future 😁 Pictures in my Gallery @
  12. Thanks for the comments. On all the other forums I am on.( this is the only Triumph ) there is a setting in our preferences that allow you to set first or last in a thread, but I can’t find it on here, maybe there isn't one? The unread route is a good one but then it is difficult to find the thread again. A which way round option would be a good one. It's more convenient when I just want a quick read of a forum.
  13. Is there a way to get the latest (newest) post to come up first. I've look in my settings but can not see a post setting section. At the moment when I click on a subject thread, it will show the first post (oldest) in that thread. which means you have to click on the next page and the next until you find the newest post. Can this be changed so it goes strat to the newset post?
  14. fungus

    coupe 350GKJ 17

    farther inlaw thinking "does this man know what he is doing?"
  15. fungus

    coupe 350GKJ 27

    New house ... and whats this in the garage, a newly painted herald 350GKJ 😊
  16. fungus

    coupe 350GKJ 33

    packed up ready to go
  17. got my copy of Trauma at Triumph. dam good read!
  18. looking for a headlinig for my 948 coupe. or the same type of finish matirial it's the old type with sort of orange peel finish. anyone got any ideas heres a pic of the old origainal bit
  19. Yep looking good https://www.canleyclassics.com/demoapp/?blog=default&bloggername=canleyclassics&label=&guid=tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6192864007073167323.post-8615456496310745051
  20. yes it is I had to sell due to loosing anywhere to keep it. A hard decision but it was getting damaged where it was. So it had to go to someone that would care for it. Luckily Canley classics stepped up and saved the day.
  21. Happy birthday G11 (VJF 230) 60 years old 19/03/2019
  22. haveing say all that if any one buys it and wants to sell the seats etc I could be interested ?
  23. could be a "stick a lod of bits together and call it a barn find" job the dash would be right going by the size of the speedo just with a after market faceing it even has the blue/grey stering wheel and collum. acording to the mot check site Date registered 9 September 1986 ?
  24. spotted this on flea-bay reconds it is a 1200 by the boot badgeing but the dash and the rear light surround and the seat suggest it is a 948. wot do you recon? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/triumph-herald-coupe-barn-find/332774659830?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D52543%26meid%3D1ae5e04072df44948be53dff04ef96eb%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D2%26sd%3D113218978456%26itm%3D332774659830&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982 if it finish here are some of the photos.
  25. I have used a few over the years. From elbow grease to paint-ons. But now find a product called Fertan is by far the best. I have used it on my tractors, ride-on mowers, antique door locks and my coupe any thing that has rusty metal. Brilliant stuff.
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