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  1. Gengis

    Vitesse Rev limit

    Thanks for your comments
  2. Can a mk2 Vitesse 2.0 engine safely rev to 6000 rpm? It has forged pistons and shot peened and tufrided crank and rods with arp bolts. Also what would I need to do if I wanted a rev limit of 7000 rpm. Thanks
  3. Hi. I would like to bring my Vitesse along to this show, do I need to be a member to show my car and how do I go about entering the concours. The car is modified. Is there a class for a modified Vitesse in concours. Thanks
  4. Gengis


    It’s a mk2. I thought Payne were the ones to go for.
  5. Gengis


    Mines leaking some oil from the oil gallery.
  6. Gengis


    What is the best make of headgasket for a Vitesse. Thanks. Also what does it mean by recessed on non recessed when ordering a gasket.
  7. Hi. I’ve never been to a Triumph show before. Do I have to be a member to come along to this show. How do I get tickets and will the concours be for modified cars as well as standard. Thanks.
  8. I should also say it is lowered 3/4 inch at the back and has adjustable rear wishbone mounts with c/v joints. Thanks
  9. Hi I’m going to have the suspension set up soon and want to know ideal setting. The car is a Mk 2 Vitesse, with Gaz dampers all round, adjustable coil overs on the front, and adjustable top arms. Wheels are 6 inch mini lites with 185/60 tyres. It’s modified quite a bit so a fast road set up would be good. I understand you should put a weight on both seats What should that be? Car also has a limited slip diff if that makes a difference. Thanks
  10. Thanks for that. No I don’t have on but a small torque wrench would work I guess as I could see the difference in turning force with that
  11. Hi I’m trying to set the correct amount of end float on my Vitesse rear bearings. There were know spacers or shims in there so I’m starting from scratch. I currently have .155 spacer in there and there is clearly to much end float so I’m going to fit a thinner one. What is the best way to measure the amount of end float. I’ve read canleys way of doing it but can’t grasp what he means. Is it a case of build it up dry and just have a tiny amount of end float then strip it and grease bearings. Thanks.
  12. Took about a week. I had these refurbed because they are 6 inch wide not 5.5 and 6 inch are hard to get hold of. If yours are 5.5 it is cheaper to by new.
  13. Mine were done by a company in Coventry. 07861718348. They did an excellent job. Good price as well £320
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