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Mk1 seat baskets & door latch mechanism

Paul Rees

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My first post on this site.  Thanks in advance for any responses.

I have a mk1 spitfire currently in the throws of a body off restoration. 

The car came with MK4 seats on mk1 runners.  I have found the mk1 seat frames, however I can't find the original sprung seats.  Can anyone tell me what my options are as regards this issue.

Also the old aluminium cast door locks have cracked, so need to find replacements.  Spitbits seel them but they are expensive to start with excluding postage and import taxes from USA.

Any help would be fab?



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Give Spitbitz (Wokingham), The Spitfire Graveyard, maybe TD Fitchetts and Chic Doig a call for door lock parts. 
For the seats, do you mean the wire baskets that the seat base foams sit in? My suggestion would be to just make some. Bit of steel rod and a few templates and you should be able to weld yourself up a pair of baskets. Some probably will turn up second hand eventually. But it could be some while and they’re likely to be overpriced!

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