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starter clearance


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Can anyone out there help with inertia starter clearances?

i have searched the w/m from end to end, but can't find any refererence to the shimming of the motor.

unfortunately, there wasn't a starter or shims with the car, so i have no idea of the clearance required.

It's a 1300 spitfire lump and i've just fitted a new ring gear to go with the new starter. what's the default ? how far in should it be?



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This where acquiring some skill in "fitting", becoming a "fitter", one who adjust or alters a part to fit best, is a good idea!  You won't be just assembling engines, but building them.

In this case all you need is a Vernier Caliper:


This tool will measure inside diameters, outside diameters and, using that 'tail' at the back end, depths.   You need to know how to read the "Vernier scale", which will give you an accuracy down to one tenth of a millimeter.  LOTS of guides online!      A Caliper as above will cost less than £15, but you can get then for less than a fiver - £2 if you go plastic!     Or, splash out on a digital one for £20-50 and you get a direct read out.

Use your caliper to measure the  throw distance of the Starter pinion from the face plate , when extended - just pull it out.  Then measure the  distance from the front of the engine back plate to the starter ring on the flywheel.    Compare the two and you know how much spacer you need.   And you're a fitter!

Good luck!


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the game is to ensure the pinion does clear the ring gear and gets a full engagement when cranking  

so a bit of trail and error fitting should get you a working fit 

manual states  add  shims to get a ring gear clearance of 3/32"  to 5 /32"

says spacers or 0.4  " 0.5"   with 0,016" shims to fine tune 



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