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Rack Recommendations

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My 13/60 is back on the road after a front suspension rebuild, driving it at the weekend i thought the steering felt heavy, i had driven my 2.5 Vitesse the day before and that felt lighter compared to the Herald. The Herald has trunnionless uprights now but that shouldn`t make it heavier to steer should it?.

The rack is the original from 1968,as is the shaft and joint and although I greased it and put new gaiters on, maybe it`s tired?.It definitely needs a shaft bush as the wheel moves around in the column a bit.

Looking for new ones, there are Herald, Vitesse, quick racks, recon or new etc. Any recommendations on which one would be best?, the car has a 13 inch Mountney wheel and 5.5J steel wheels with 175/70 tyres set at 30Psi.



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just browsing RB  and there some odd ratios shown  they say lock to lock is 3.5 turns  well thats said for  herald and vitesse  when we know the 6 cyl rack is a lower

ratio than the 4 cyl 

6cyl racks have a groove added to the input shaft to identify the 6 tooth  vs the 7 tooth 



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