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  1. Moulded every time,a much better fit,especially around the gearbox tunnel and footwells, As to suppliers,i thought they all came from Newton Commercials. Steve
  2. Prince Charles said this morning he runs his old Aston on Cheese and White Wine,maybe that`s the future(red for me please). S
  3. That will be a very well sorted TR when done,my head hurts. Steve
  4. Steve P

    Herald 13/60

    Well I have a 13/60 and a Vitesse,because I like tinkering I put a 2.5 in the Vitesse and a 1500 in the Herald,both have overdrive boxes as well. 13/60 is a nicer drive IMHO,did the 2014 RBRR in it. S
  5. I was at my local park by the river at Runnymede one summer in my Vitesse,came back towards the car to see a lady laying across the bonnet (not in a good way) whilst her friend took photo`s. Steve
  6. Steve P

    Herald 13/60

    Wasn`t Colin was it?. S
  7. Steve P

    UK gone mad

    Not lighting them but,if you like that sort of thing,look on Youtube for "Le Petomane". The story of a French man called Joseph Pujol,who had a stage act performing wind based comedy. Played by the great Leonard Rossiter and written by Galton and Simpson of Steptoe fame. S
  8. I used to love his programmes when i was a kid,also Fred Trueman on Indoor League,i`ll si thee.(apologies to anyone from Yorkshire). Steve
  9. Had a bit of a look online,the 1600 should have a shorter carrier than later ones,also a flat bearing face which yours doesn`t look like it is. What about the length of the slave operating rod?.. Steve
  10. Has the bearing carrier got swapped for one that is too short,i think there are 3 types?.I see you have the short brass type. I could only find an image of a 2 litre one and that looks longer but that would be for a diaphragm clutch. S
  11. Mine croaked 2 years ago,had no contact with him for over 30 years even though he lived 5 minutes away,never met my kids or anything. S
  12. My dad buggered off when i was about 14 so don`t really have many memories of doing stuff with him,more mum and grandparents. S
  13. Does that work the other way now with me and the grandkids?,supposed to go to Carters steam fair later and it`s P***ing down here. S
  14. This is not an ad,but if it breaks any rules mods feel free to bin it. I may be losing a lockup and might need to move on some stuff i have had for years in the vague thought that i may build something. I have no idea if they would still be desirable or any idea of value. I have: Triple Weber 40DCOE carbs and a three piecce TT manifold kit,manifolds brand new,carbs used,bought from Racestorations 15 years ago. 1300 Big vale ported and flowed head,never fitted to a car. Canleys/Tony Lindsey Dean 244R cam,unused for 1300 engine,not sure if small or large bearing. Very early MK 2 PI engine for reconditioning Mike the Pipe 6-3-1 for a big saloon. Advice appreciated. Steve
  15. Same here,except i had a Suzuki AP50.Went to the Earls Court bike show to buy a Jama exhaust to make it go 1 mph faster. After that a DT175 trail bike,then a 400 Super dream.About 15 years ago a guy i worked with let me borrow his Kwak ZX750,120mph down the Lightwater bypass. That was the last time i rode a bike,wife and kids got in the way of enjoying life (still and i`m 56). Steve
  16. Steve P

    UK gone mad

    Seen a video today of someone at a Tesco station filling their food waste bin with Petrol.Jeez.. Darwin awards all round. S
  17. Steve P

    Ironic Timing.

    My 2.5 Vitesse does 30mpg at least if the right boot isn,t planted.I`m sure the low gearing and overdrive makes a big difference. S
  18. I have a Radtec one in the Vitesse and a chinese one in the Herald,not really based on cost but Radtec were the only supplier i could find when i converted it in about 2010.Vitesse one was about £450 from memory. S
  19. Blackline as far as I know is a Chinese copy of a Quaife unit. S
  20. May i ask how much Nigel?, I already have a Blackline unit on the shelf. Steve
  21. Well i have a 3:27 in a Vitesse with a saloon box and tuned 2.5 engine,i had the diff rebuilt by Mike Papworth with a stronger carrier(TR7)? Whilst i don`t dump the clutch,it gets driven fairly hard and has tons of torque so high revs not really needed,it gets scary to drive before you get anywhere near top end. The only thing that broke in mine was a driveshaft snapping at the hub end whilst driving,bye bye back wheel and brakes.Drum still attached to the wheel as it departed.I changed to CV shafts. There is a company that will build an LSD into a 3:27 ,but the name escapes me. Steve
  22. Phoenix ones are a terrible fit,had one on my 2.5 Vitesse for a while and ended up selling it on e bay,i was lucky enough to find an original Mike Randal, (Mike the pipe) 6-3-1 for sale so snapped it up,lovely hand made thing with sand bent tubes and proper joints. My 1500 Herald has a 4 into 1 with a 3 inch collector and Vitesse system,manifold bought off e bay years ago,does it make a difference?..no idea. Car is great to drive and quite torquey,it made 93bhp when rollered. Steve
  23. Spacer definitely required,don`t ask how i know this. Steve
  24. I have one on my 1500 Herald,fits absolutely fine,if anything I think it over cools(if thats even a thing) Standard mechanical fan still. Steve
  25. Here: https://www.classiccarstereo.co.uk/product-category/classic-car-stereos/autosound-classic-car-stereo/ No extra bits,mine is the 100 series,has USB but no Bluetooth,i don`t need it.Just an aerial converter for my old stick aerial.(from them as well.) About £220 all in. Steve
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