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Vitesse body to chassis bracket


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Which one is it? My car has two a bit tatty roughly in line with the front seat mounting position.

If the bolt(s) will slacken, it could simply mean removing the sill and prising it apart in order to cut out and replace with a new one. Depends how good you are at fabrication and welding in situ. Needs carpets removed and a fire watcher.

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I have just taken the bulkhead off my Herald in order to get access to repair the four front mounting brackets. I couldn’t see any sensible way to deal with them and the a posts with the bulkhead on the chassis. The rears I guess might be easier though. 

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repair to Base of A post and the side mounts and floor pans   remind me of this jigsaw of how to make it back to shape when you dont have the base to copy

we used a lot of welding wire  but its solid (well was when i sold her)

chic Doig did a repair sectioi was not aware of that would have eased the patchwork 



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