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Triumph / citroen bearing puller

Ian Faulds

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My daughters citroen c1 had a grumble rear wheel bearing. It can be a bugger to get out, the wheel nut pad looked similar to the triumph, so I got put my homemade puller. The wheel pad is almost the same, I elongated the pullers holes a wee bit. Bolted it onto the citroen and bang pulled the bearing straight off. Triumph to the rescue.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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thats ok  just though i would tip you off  about firing Blanks   Ha !!!

have a nice day   

I have had a lot of trouble free Citroens but never needed to pull a hub ...yet  

it took them 3 weeks to get both headlamps to work on my new C5X  ( then i discovered its made in China  in Wuhan  so it probably had a virus  )


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