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GT6 Mk. III - MGJ 278L

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I think the chances of finding out much about this car are slim but if you don’t ask….

I’m about to start work on this GT6. When I bought it (as seen in the photo) and SORN’d it, it was actually 40 years to the day since the tax expired. That means it has only ever spent a maximum of 8 years on the road and over 42 off it. 

I know the previous owner (#6) bought it as a barn find in 1998. I’ve managed to speak to the previous owner to him (#5): He owned the car from 1980-1998 and told me the previous owner to him (#4) was his brother and whom he inherited it from, but he himself never used it (hence the barn find). He could give me no further details as a result. 

So between 1972 and 1980 MGJ had four keepers in quick succession, ending with keeper #5’s brother. It’s a very long shot, but does anyone here have any information at all?

I acquired Heritage certificate detailing the original engine and chassis\VIN number (still the same) and that it was built in July 1972 and dispatched to Henlys, London, the next month. Equipment details were 155 x 13 tubeless tyres, heater (was that optional?!), static seatbelts and overdrive. The Saffron yellow the bonnet is still in (and which the rest of the car will be returned to) was it’s original colour, the trim in black  

Any info gratefully received. 


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3 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:

I've often thought about disconnecting mine to get the cabin heat down! 

Only time I use mine in anger is to get a bit more cooling water through the system when stuck in Classic Le Mans traffic.  Rest of the time SOP is both rears and driver's window open!


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