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SOLVED - Spitfire 1500 inlet manifold rust problem


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IGNORE THIS - Rimmers has the manifold with the T section. And a snip at £280 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭



Can anyone shed some light on a slight problem I have with rust on the inlet manifold assembly?

The inlet manifold has rust on the left hand side, where the manifold connects to the coolant pipes. I can see twin carb inlet manifolds with single connections either side (e.g. https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-spitfire-mkiv/1500&diagram=triumph-spitfire-mkiv/1500-inlet-manifold-twin-carbs). However, mine has a peculiar T-junction with the upper part going to the heater valve and the lower part going back into the block. Actually, the upper part is now rusted off.

Has anyone come across one of these manifolds with a T junction before?

I guess my options are to replace like-for-like if I can find one


get a new T-junction made up and welded on


replace with a standard manifold and just connect it to the block (seal up the path to the heater valve which I never use anyway)

Any thoughts?



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I made a replacement "T" piece out of 10 mm solder ring copper plumbing fittings which was fitted to the end of the manifold outlet by a short length of rubber hose.  The ridges in the copper fittings for the solder rings help to secure the hoses.  With my manifold the problem with the pipe rusting was not just the "T" piece so I also replaced the pipe from the manifold with a 3/8" BSP brass fitting.  Considerably cheaper than scrapping an otherwise perfectly good manifold.

Also contact the Club Shop.  They were offering reconditioned manifolds with stainless steel pipes.

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