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Herald Estate owners - rear load area board fitting

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Anyone got a Herald estate and can see how the rear load area coverboard fits? I've got probably one of the last NOS versions bought quite a few years back and never fitted, (although poorly stored so got a bit dirty and needs well cleaned!) and my tank was also restored many years ago, but now they're both in the car there's no way of fitting them together! There's a line of self tappers just behind the rear seat, then another row of holes in the coverboard just before the hinges that allow the rearmost bit to pivot, but there's nothing below to screw them into. Just air! Am I missing a bracket, or something?



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20 hours ago, thescrapman said:

Are you asking if there are brackets attached to rear seat back that move the narrow board up as the rear seat is put back vertical?

No, at the other end. First joint in from the 'end' at the hatch, where you can see the three small hinges. This should correspond with the rear edge of the fuel tank and there's a row of holes predrilled in the coverboard - you can just make them out in the photo. There's absolutely nothing below this for the self-tappers to screw into. Below the number 4 in the diagram below the tank appears to have a row of holes on a flat plate, but in reality there's nothing there that matches the holes in the rear coverboard. That's why I was wondering if I'm missing brackets or similar, either on the bodywork or on the tank itself. This other photo from the Net shows the tank the same as mine - a straight rear edge with nothing to screw self-tappers into. 

Screenshot2023-06-18at17_17_33.thumb.png.f60da97eaac330347bea14a96f979fc2.png estatetank.jpeg.137bd9287bf47d08505afa59e3dd9853.jpeg

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