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  1. Take the earth wireoff the night dimming relay the rev counter will work if you feed the electronic ignition with twelve volts, it is only getting six at the moment. move the red wire feed from the coil to the other side of the ballast resister.
  2. Did a bit of research, they have been used in Kensington, specifically near Harrods, to monitor and fineSupercar owners. https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/supercar-drivers-face-fines-as-noise-cameras-could-be-extended-across-kensington-and-chelsea/ Looks like they are going to expand across LBKC. Looks like it could be about 2m as it is a microphone on a lamp post.
  3. The Piranhas / Newtronics seem to get dry joints on the pcb, also the big transistor plays up. I run 4 of them, 2 I purchased as "fully working" from Ebay and were nothing of the sort. The investigation revealed the dry joints, and swapping bits from a good one proved the transistor. All have been running 20+ years now without any further issue.
  4. The seats were being made fir a metallic mid-blue Mk3 Spitfire I think. just need a bit of nipping and tucking
  5. Note that is just the "body" harness
  6. Lots of modern cars are glued together, get the correct product and it ought to be better than welding.
  7. You would be better to glue the repair panel in I reckon.
  8. I know Andy Flexney was looking for a BW35 for a friend in Germany a couple of months ago.
  9. My thought is lots of wax and similar protectants, and keep using it.
  10. I beleive you could order a Spitfire with just a hardtop, save a few quid on not having a hood and frame. there are different part numbers for some fittings that are specific to hardtop only cars
  11. I think I know who that was, he was driving round in an electric Skoda about 15 yrs ago. He Also appeared on Scrapheap Challenge as an expert. Name escapes me.
  12. Need to have a chat to you when I drop the GT6 off. I have the powerful compressor already but need to explore my possibilities further.
  13. That is what you think..... ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. A last option, it may be a much cheaper fix.
  15. I hรกd a 1500 Spitfire that kept suffering Fuel starvation Found a Tigers tail in the tank... ๐Ÿ˜ž must have been there years.
  16. I would suggest you remove it and put it somewhere Safe.
  17. You need the fatter discs, and the calipers with the wider bolt spacing on both side. It is possible, and really do not recommend it, fitting Lockheed calipers and matching discs from a Triumph 2000 to Spitfire uprights. It requires machining the disc mount face down to about 2mm thick to get offset right.
  18. If you have no synchro at all on 1st, you may well have a 1600 box. 2nd is always the first to get weak, then 3rd, as they do the most work. You can usually get away with swapping first and second as a bodge fix, as you very rarely go from second to first.
  19. I think you will need to get the extra springs and the carrier. it is quite easy to fit, do it in under an hour with the box on the bench.
  20. thescrapman


    Let's give it a try, post away... ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. I keep hoping that Aral will open a station near me so I can buy their 102. I suspect the actual price difference between regular and Super is fractions of a penny, but the super is a Premium product so needs to be at a premium price. And if they were both the same price, which would you buy??? That would undoubtedly make the government put a premium tax in place to ensure they sell more of the E10. Will be interesting to see what happens when ethanol is more expensive to produce than petrol, theoretically making E10 more expensive.
  22. They will be suitably cheap. Will see if I can get them down off shelf.
  23. I am sure I have a pair of tired non- headrest seats in the garage. if you are suitably desperate.
  24. Someone got a bargain like that from me many years ago. About 20 years ago I purchased an utterly rotten Mk3 Spit that had been fitted (poorly) with a 2 litre engine from a 2000 saloon. Engine looked terrible from having stood in the guys garden for at least 15 years we reckoned. I then removed it and dumped it under a tree where it sat for a few years, until someone mentioned on one of the Yahoogroups (told you it was a few years ago) mentioned he needed an engine, sold it to him for spares for not much. Couple of days later he rung me to say did I know it was a new engine. Must have been a crated engine the previous owner had picked up cheap in the 80's. you win some you lose some.
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