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    You will only be able to take a manual "add-on" if you have been taught in a manual, and they'd won't be available New after 2030. Examiners will not allow you to use your own car now I think as it may not be safe.
  2. Probably sourced from a 1500 Dolomite.
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    One thing mentioned in the paper today, that I hadn't thought of is that come 2030 all new cars will be electric, which are all automatic, so all driving school cars will also become automatic, so no-one will be able to get a manual driving license.
  4. Can you do a claim on your credit card if paid with it?
  5. I can't help but think that is a major design flaw..... I guess it provides the ICE equivalent of range anxiety in an electric car.
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    My company has "environmental credentials and responsibility" so limits company (and car allowance vehicles) by CO2 output, and the bar is set very low, it was 99g for a while, this excluding all petrol vehicles. There are no hybrids, as they are too expensive. Also the money allocated has stagnated, so while you could get a Mondeo Estate with a higher trim level, now it is a focus Hatch in poverty spec. They have just ordered hundreds of new Diesel Transit vans. No hybrids ( but then have you seen the price of hybrid Transits??? Clearly Ford don't want to sell any) The company also has a very high focus on risk and safety, quite rightly, a consequence of which is that you are not allowed for to use a motorbike for any company business, even if the most appropriate. As part of the Risk adverse culture, every vehicle has to be Euro NCAP 6. This now means all sorts of unwanted electronic systems have to be added to achevie that. They ran out of things to make occupants safer in a collision a while ago, so now require stuff to prevent collisions
  7. If you had to bore the block out, why would you have small and large journal camshafts? They would all be the same size?? The bearings that fit with a standard 6-cyl camshaft are possibly designed to repair a block that has been used with overly strong springs and it has ovaled the journals.
  8. Pete why dont you trailer it home? I am not convinced I would take it on a motorway journey untested. Or devise a route of little lanes etc, where it doesn't matter if you break down. Cheers Colin
  9. I thought the bearings push fit into the block, and the journals on the cam are reduced in diameter to suit. So you just get the 6-cyl cam made with reduced journals.
  10. That bit I will disagree with, I have managed to improve average fuel consumption by up to 10mpg by careful throttle control using the instantaneous consumption as the gauge. Modern cars with their fly by wire throttles are very sensitive to positioning and gently easing it will maintain speed but reduce consumption.
  11. Is it a Mk3 bearing type camshaft, or a Mk3 grind on a non-bearing sized blank. And I think you have FH14HE. But I only used it and it was sha**ed. Never looked inside.
  12. How was the prop being taken off incorrectly manage bend it like that? Did you try to snap the bolts using the prop as a lever?
  13. If the GT6 isa Mk3 then the gear angles are different, that may explain the different feel
  14. Have you checked the thrust washers on the crank, if they have fallen out clutch actuation will be very poor, as will you when you come to fix it.
  15. I reckon the L is a poorly stamped E for Factory Reconditioned Engine.
  16. I always understood they were just not available anywhere. You probably need to ring someone like Canley Classics and enquirer as to availability, will be secondhand whatever I suspect
  17. Hopefully they resisted urge to turn Air-Con on. And the radio. and not open windows.
  18. I had one of those engines, very similar engine number as well, I sold it to a Herald owner to give his car a bit more go. Had an SAH cam in it as well. Not sure it ever made it into the car.
  19. Pete I think you have more repaired and strengthened rather that modified the chassis. Modified has so many other connotations, many of which could be mis-construed. Perhaps replaced with a rebuilt chassis that has been strengthened at the known weak points? And definitely up the value.
  20. 30mph average is not too bad. unless it was all motorway. noted they did it round longest day to reduce amount of time the lights had to be on.
  21. Can you get to their website? https://talkingpicturestv.co.uk/schedule/
  22. There was another really good couple of films on Talking Pictures last week. One was called All About England, basically an advert for Austin ( pronounced Orstin) with people driving their cars in various areas of UK, Lakes, Dales etc. Other was called Hillman Minx in the 1960's, about an attempt to drive a Minx for 20 days solid on Belgian Pave to prove it. It was driven by all female crews (the greatest Minxes as the commentator said, different times)
  23. Surely solution is to use EV trucks to deliver goods short distance to a rail freight terminal, then move across country and do opposite at other end. You can get 100-odd container on a single train in U.K. The UK already has a few Ral Freight terminals, take trains direct from ports or the tunnel, Derby one can currently take 24 a day direct from Felixstowe. 2500 containers not on the roads.
  24. The Watergate one was Deep Throat. Strange name for a computer.
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