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KYK711D Vitesse 1600/6 Convertible - Historic Vehicle Tax

martyn wright

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Having Neary!! Completed my 1966 Vitesse 1600/6 which I purchased and dismantled in 1998?  I thought about now changing the Tax from PLG to Historic Vehicle for Tax purposes!  I went onto the DVLA Website and found that I needed to fill in a V10 & V112 and needed my V5?  "NOT"   The Postmaster simply Keyed in the Registration, changed the V5 from Plg to Historic, asked me to Sign the Form V5 and handed it back saying All Done"  How easy was that, and now I'm Cuffed!!

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I'm in the Grey zone with similar to that at present - my 13/60 will of necessity be declared MOT exempt until I can get time to have it tested anywhere, waiting times here are about three months. Instructions are to fill in the V112 and take it to the local PO on next tax date, and declare it MOT exempt, provided it has had an MOT pass within the last year. My MOT ran out last October and the car is just back on the road since start of May (a whole 20 miles done since then!) but the tax due date is not until August. I'm still trying to find out if the car is road legal or not as I'm now 9 months with no MOT but can't declare it exempt until next month. It's a funny situation - I don't need an MOT but until I tell them that when taxing the car, I need an MOT...

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