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inner headlamp for Vitesse/Dolomite

euan douglas

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Well, having now got my Sprint I find I need an inner 75w headlamp, GLU105, which also is used on the Vitesse.  A well known supplier shows these as no longer available and to use the halogen replacement.  This is a more expensive option, as I would need to replace both sides, I wondered if anyone can give me the name of a supplier who might have these or indeed have any other suggestions?  What does anyone else do when GLU105 is needed/


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5.75" sealed beam inner and outer units are available new on eBay but usually only 50w not 75w. They would also undoubtly have a different lens pattern so the only other alternative is wait for the correct item to come up for sale. For these reasons most people go to a halogen conversion...

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