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Tr6 compression test


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Need a bit of advice, are these values Psi pretty poor? car hasn't been run for 12 months, does it just need running?


CYLINDER 1 = 141

CYLINDER 2 = 123

CYLINDER 3 = 119

CYLINDER 4 = 128

CYLINDER 5 = 136

CYLINDER 6 = 145


Thanks in advance


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My small concern would be cylinder 3.


However, that said, your readings are generally low and all over the place so that may point to lack of use.


I would suggest putting some Redex in to each of the bores via the spark plug hole, then with the spark plugs replaced and just done up finger tight leave overnight or 24hrs.


Then having done that time lapse remove the plugs and place a towel or something to cover the spark plug apertures and turn the engine over on the key. This will cause any Redex left to be shot out and be absorbed by the cloth.


A couple of 5 second turn overs will be enough.


Replace all the plugs to normal tightness and fire the car up. You will notice some white smoke being burnt off, this is just Redex residue, Once the car has warmed up. Switch off.


Now take your compression readings and see what the difference is.


Good luck.



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