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Vitesse Tan coloured carpets wanted


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Anyone planning on renewing their tan carpets?

Having bought a Vitesse without carpets and underlay I am on the hunt for a set.

I’m a bit reluctant to buy new at this stage until I get more familiar with the car.

I’m guessing this maybe a tall ask, alternatively can anyone recommend a budget set to buy new?

Many thanks in advance.



I have sourced a used set for now, not brilliant but better than nothing.


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I bought a brown set from Coverdale, as did a few other members on here in varying colours, but I'm in two minds about the set. Cost me about £160 if I remember correctly, but there seems to be a lot of bits coming off the edges and fluff building up in the car. There's no trimmed edge round the handbrake and this is unravelling even with light use.

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My Coverdales are bound, but I try not to think of how much they cost! I had to cut a hole in the tunnel cover for the GT6 footrest. I asked and they sent me a length of binding strip for free which I sewed on, inexpertly, but it's under my foot so doesn't matter. 


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