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Stag KPM 99 P

Sue Franklin

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Have been told of a dodgy sounding deal(er) in Cornwall

Story is someone we know, of course not a member, has a Stag. Had it in a cheapo garage / workshop somewhere in Cornwall whilst he was working on it.  He allowed the proprietor to have the V5 etc – daft I know.  It appears this guy has unofficially told people the car may be available and has ‘sold’ it to a guy . He paid £500 deposit by bankers draft but has paid no more and was allowed without the owner’s permission to remove the car and have the V5.  He now has the car and has not paid any further monies.  The owner has a crime reference number and Police apparently knew straight away where to go to this man’s residence where the car could be seen.  He denied all knowledge of fraudulent activity and the Police have apparently said they have closed the case.

Apparently this man is well known for this sort of activity and I wondered if anyone have any knowledge??  No named mentioned as could go to court at some stage.

The owner has alerted DVLA who have said the car is still  in his name and have hot marked it in case of anything happening.

My guess is that he will dismantle and flog the parts but any ideas welcome.


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The old 'Civil Case' vs 'Theft' argument.

Whilst I know nothing of the background of this one, in many cases there's usually more to it, such as the proprietor has told him repeatedly to move the car or it would be moved, that sort of thing, or he owes money for storage or work done, and if it's in bits, he's sold it for what he thinks the bits are worth and not the value of a complete finished car. From reading the above, Police know where the car is, but have not seized it as stolen, which says there's more to it, and it will be left up to Solicitors to sort out.

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