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  1. In Devon and some other counties ALL petrol, even Super, contains 5% at the present time. I understand it is not just hoses at risk but corrosion of metal fuel tanks and seams. Hopefully the Federation of Historic Vehicles of which TSSC is a member club will be fighting this probably vainly on our behalf.
  2. Brilliant idea. Would add that I feel it is essential to have some sort of hazard warning device. Either wired in or even a beacon to shove on the top of the car in the event of a breakdown. The thought of breaking down on a so called smart motorway with my classics scares the ---- out of me. Particularly after seeing the recent Panorama documentary. No way will I take my Herald on a Motorway as totally original running gear and therefore not speedy enough for long high speed runs. Many of our earlier cars do not have any hazards fitted. Club Shop can supply good easy to mount switches.
  3. Help - my driver's side door window is rattling and appears to be looser than the nearside?
  4. The in-house expert husband reckons it is air every time. No difference hot or cold. Not a Lockheed apparently. Better each time when bled but I'm not going to spend this year just hoping the dratted thing behaves! He reckons the cross shaft thingy is OK. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Now got braided hose from Paddocks so he's going to try that.
  5. Last year replaced both Slave and Master cylinders on our Stag. Master let go at Bristol M5 on the way back from Shelsley Walsh - tribute to hubby who drove it back to South Brent in gear and into local garage where it shuddered to a halt. Better in the autumn but on first run this year, clutch not good again and got worse through 60 off mile drive. Guess air getting in somewhere? Now ordered braided hoses just in case, but ideas welcome. Both slave and master were new units.
  6. Huge shame - it has been such a useful tool in the past for a very reasonable fee. However changes in Data Protection in the New Year will throw up all sorts of challenges.
  7. Evans & Cutler in North Street Totnes Devon. In the 1960s my late father sourced 2 x 2000s (Mk 1 and Mk2) then early Stag from them. My 21st pressie was a 6 year old Herald saloon from them. Also had outlet in Valley Road Plympton in the 1970s. Purchased 1500 Spitfire in Java in 1975. BL Friday car - from new faulty voltage stabilizer, nearside door lock and first time I locked the boot the barrel came out with the key. UJs went at 1000 miles and in all 3 times under warranty. After a year my husband did all UJs and I drove it for 100,000 miles without a hitch. GTK 949 N. Also had
  8. See Forum Announcements at the top of the Forum page for an explanation of the situation by Chris Gunby. Although I understand the feelings expressed above, please understand that it was the position of Shop Manager which was made redundant. As regards the perception that the Club does not use Social Media, you may not be aware that at the beginning of April TSSC was shortlisted for an award for the best use of social media by a car club. We were pipped at the post by I think the Golf Club. In the last year, Jane Rowley had led the charge into Social Media with great results.
  9. I need a TIGER TAIL. Had one on my school bag way back then.
  10. Several Devon members have mentioned Motor Macs in Exeter. One contacted me a while back as he had a 948 (I think) from Motor Macs which used to belong to the late father of another member. The car was bought by the son, also a member, who is in process of restoration. All my family's Triumphs were sourced from Evans & Cutler, mainly in North Street Totnes. 2 x Heralds (including the one I now have), Mk 1 and Mk 2 2000 and early Stag. I bought a 1500 Spitfire in 1975 from Evans & Cutler's outlet in Valley Road, Plympton, Plymouth. Friday car - many faults on delivery, and UJs wen
  11. The Herald Pick-up - another they never made - as Darren says belongs to one of our Devon members. Made from a donated saloon - originally thought to be a scrapper. Ian decided it was too good and wanted something quirky. Made it himself and was ready in time to use as a friend's wedding car. Nice idea and turns heads. He is a signwriter and hence the Lambs name. Will ask more when I see him.
  12. Not for me - older Devon member wants to make braking easier! I think Kevin may have hit the nail on the head - he wants to make the pedal lighter than it is.
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