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Vitesse Mk1 2 Litre - What does this bit do?

David W

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Hoping some kind soul can help me with a wiring question. I've managed to pull out some cables whilst hoisting the engine so I can remove the sump to cure an oil leak (another story). Two of them I can see have been yanked out of the back of the alternator. I can re-crimp these hopefully. There appears to be a third 'circled' in the picture that is connected to a small item alongside the coil. Any ideas what this is and where this wire belongs?? Any advice would be appreciated.
No photo description available.
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18 minutes ago, DanMi said:

it looks like an aftermarket radio interference suppressor. Can be ignored if you don't have an AM radio

Dan..... Thanks for putting my mind at rest!  I think the car had a radio at one stage (there is a grommet in the boot surround), but not there any more.

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4 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

you can often find them on generators and also the HT coil

you can quite safely disconnect and remove them

agree  now redundant  interreference suppression on old AM radio's


Pete.  Thanks for putting my mind at rest.

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