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Poly Bushes

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Hello All

            As part of my differetial rebuild I thought I will replace the pads in the rear spring with teflon ones as recommend on the dutch site but on stripping it down I found the poly Bushes I fitted 6,600 miles and 18 months ago are knackered as can be seen in the photos and the differetial bush is not much better? these were supplied by a well known supplier.


So I think I will get some from the club next sunday and rear spring bushes as these do not look to good.




I wish we could get good Triumph quality bushes?







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many swear by poly's  but maybe not as good as expected,   I wonder if the eye bushes deformed as tightened when hanging  , all types of bushes should have the bolts fully tightened with suspension in its running /road sat height or they can be over screwed with too much static twist .


think club ones are  supaflex  



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