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In search of a 1971-1977 Spitfire restoration project

Conor L

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Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of looking to buy a 1971-1977 Triumph Spitfire restoration project that is somewhere in the Midlands (UK). The only issue is that my budget is only £600 as I'm 16 and still in full time education until September. So if anybody knows where there could be a 71-77 Spitfire restoration project for sale, that's doesn't require too much welding, in the Midlands let me know because I might be interested.

Best wishes,

Conor :-)       

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Hi Conor,


Welcome to the forum.


Keep an eye on Ebay for restoration projects - they come up quite regularly.


Your trouble will be the budget - at £600 you will only manage to get a basket case that will require ££££lots of panels replacing. 

If you can go up a bit, you will get a structurally sound car that needs much less (cheaper) work.

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Hi Kevin,


I know what you mean about what I can get with my budget but within the next month it will be increasing to around £1000 so hopefully that'll help. Also I do see project spitfires come on to Ebay quite frequently however they are just to far away from where I live for example, there is a 72 car within my current budget but its all the way up in Glasgow and I just cant afford to get it home.

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