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Assembling new front vertical link - Vitesse MK2

Paul H

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Hi Im assembling the new vertical link on my Vitesse Mk 2  - and not sure which side of the Caliper Mounting Bracket the rubber insert  fits - The first pic Ive attached shows the rubber insert on the bearing side though Haynes shows it fitting on the other side - There is a groove for it to fit though the seal would be proud if fitted as Haynes suggests - Canleys doesnt show any rubber seal inserts at all - This seal is not to be confused with the Felt Oil Seal .


The rubber seal could do with replacing - can they still be purchased 


Thanks in advance 




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this is to prevent water getting between the mount and the  stub  then into the  back of the bearing/felt

 you can use any decent sealer to fill the face




its 138051  canleys in stock



Hi Pete - thanks found 138051 and note I can use sealer - Looking at Canleys description for 138501 " SEAL - MOUNT PLATE TO VERTICAL LINK " I currently have the seal on the wrong side ? Can you confirm - Best regards 


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as far as i remember the seal should be under the caliper carrier   not inside the   its  needs to get nipped behind it to seal the two part 


long time ago when i did mine   sure it should fit over the stub register and the carrier buts up to make the thing water tight 



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