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Windscreen wipers


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Well here's a first, both my modern and my GT6 have the same problem! Driver's side windscreen wiper not removing rain. Both are lifting in the centre of the blade at the arm's vertical point of the sweep.


So far I've replaced both car's blades  (£38 for the modern! :o ) To be fair both sets of rubbers were separating and in need of replacement however, the amount of wiped screen is now less than before. I have WD40'd the springs and retaining mechanism on both cars, no difference. I'm now thinking new springs.


I think this will work on the modern but the GT6 wiper motor struggles as it is. Any ideas greatly appreciated.


I should also add I'm having to do the testing in the rain! Not happy! :angry:

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Big Adjustable spanner is good , wrap a bit of card around the arm if its painted fit spanner and

wraunch , do it with the blade veritical is going to cover the average angles that change during a Sweep

or was it Sooty

chrome stainless wont get marked but black can hence a bit of protection


theres a lot of crap blades about , theres a thread on here about problems with classic blades

I got some no name from my factors for a friends Hyundai and in 6 months they are rusty and gone very flat

euro car parts have a good sale on and you can select a blade manufacturer




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