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Engine mountings


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Hello All

             I decided to change my front engine mountings as they looked a bit saggy and I am getting some clutch judder(I know I need to take the gearbox out and change the the clutch plate) but I thought perhaps new engine mountings would help for now.


The problem is I bought some of Fleabay and they seemed a lot stiffer if a bit rough looking but after fitting them I now seem to have extra vibration being transmitted to the chassis/car.


So the question is who do we think is the best supplier of engine mountings?(Spitfire 1500)



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Hello Roger.


I have only had seamless service and quality parts from Canley Classics, so they are always my first port of call.


In fairness my requirements have been for the Vitesse; but I believe they are excellent across the board whatever the car IMHO.


Good luck.



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