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Fuel tank removal - vitesse

Paul H

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Yes , take the filler neck seal out and then when youre about to give up its tilts and pops out

its all a bit tight fitting and faffing about


the drain plug is normally siezed and if you use a good effort to unscrew it the tube tears ouf the tank


when its out have acheck of the rubber olive in the reserve /suction tube pivot union

these can dry up and leak on a full tank

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The tank has a lot of crap so needs cleaning and sealing as there is rust evident plus the neck pipe doesn't have a rubber olive , the brass olive is free running so not doing anything . I think there is a flexi tube missing at the bottom of the pipe for the reserve feature though probably a good thing as the debris would have been sucked up .

Also have to reroute the pipe as it's currently in the wrong place and preventing me adding the new spring hanger conversion plate.


Again any advice welcome

Best regards




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the brass olive is fine , probably better but needs a nip up to seal whereas the rubber olive is a bit more compliant


the suction pipe should be curved , as this is all the reserve function is,  you rotate the tube and the curvature lowers it into deeper fuel  


is simple but effective,  a pipe as staright as yu show wont make much change when rotated by the lever 


bet the hose on the tank outlet was a bit hard , this one gets ignored , often  allows pump to suck air , doesnt always leak though 



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