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Damaged Aldon electronic ignition


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Just getting to the point of starting my car after head gasket replacement so i need some electrics working.  Then I notice there's only one wire coming out the dizzy! :( It's red and dangling, the end bare having lost it's connector. Inside the dizzy the black wire has sheered off flush with the Aldon sensor. I found the remains of the black wire on the drive. How did this happen?!! I's like someone's grabbed the wires and pulled. Vandalism? I suspect the little oiks next door. A night in the cells would do them good! But they're only six and four.


Rant over.


Can I repair it? There's not enough wire left to solder it, as is, so I would have to open it up. Has anybody attempted this? Otherwise it's another wallet damaging call to the club shop.

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