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Target CO Reading

Darren Groves

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There is no spec in the manuals (not that I can find) the last gt6 in usa spec with all the gubins on

was 2.5 to 3.5Co you wont get anywhere near that on a std Uk mk2 engine spec


maybe 4 to 6 is reasonable , if you want it to run ok..

I dont see any figs for HC either,


Dig an extract of thd MOT requirements / vehicle age for CO or just visual



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Thanks Pete.


The CO was reading 1.71% and the MoT tester said that was about right, but seemed too low to me. I always used to aim around the 3% for my Herald.


I only got him to measure it to give me an idea of where the carbs were at, it wasn't done as part of the MoT just while it was there. Will richen it up a bit to see if it runs any better.

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