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Installing the glass in a Triumph 2000 Estate rear door

Peter Truman

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A friend & fellow club member had a long term restoration project of a Mk2 2000 Estate, unfortunately he died last year far too young.

The Estate is an ex UK import and "The Doc" had it for more than 20 years, in fact the family fell in love with the Estate model after touring the UK and Ireland in a hire unit. 

His daughter is getting married in 12 months and understandably wants to go to the church in her dads 2000 Estate, Station Wagon or whatever your preference.

The body has been a ground up bare metal restoration, and is completely re-sprayed in old English white,

I think I remember the Doc telling me there was a special way of installing the rear door glass into the doors as the frames are I think squarer than the normal saloon. 

Can any one advise of the special procedures necessary to fit the glass and winder mechanism into the doors.

The Triumph Enthusiasts Guild, club members here in Melbourne Australia, are up to the challenge of finishing the car, I think we've all had saloons during our  very long Triumph apprenticeships, but would appreciate any specialist help with Estate peculiarities,

The Estate model is very rare here in OZ.


Peter Truman

TSSC Member 70692

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