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Changing Herald choke cable


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The choke cable on my 1971 13/60 has become very stiff and I would like to replace it.

Disconnecting from the Stromberg carb is no problem but access to the back of the dash

to undo the retaining nut is very tricky.

Ideas and suggestions please.

 Many thanks,


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If you are just replacing / lubricating the choke cable there is no need to remove the choke housing from dash.


Pull the cable completely clear and run some wire wool over the cable to get rid of any surface rust / high spots.


I normally agree with Pete 99.9% of the time, but I have to say that gease is the very reason these cables become problematic. I suggest using some engine oil smeared along the cable and then lightly wipe the excess off. The movement of the cable keeps the oil circulating and lubricates the cable surface - same principle as using oil in trunnions instead of grease.


Pop the cable back in the housing and secure at the carb end. All should be well once again.


Good luck.


Sorry Pete !!





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I'm not entirely convinced oil will "circulate" in the cable sheath, I'm pretty sure it would rapidly disappear out the ends and the through the body of the sheath. Grease would hang around a little longer I think. And the same principle as the trunions? Not sure about that either! Trunnion to vertical link, a lot of pressure on the threads and two different metals, one that doesn't much like grease, so use oil. Choke cable and sheath, same metal, no great pressure between them, use grease.

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If the spiral wound outer was sheathed where its open to the elements in the heater vent this wouldnt

Go stiff so easy no Doug there no story hee!

you could use baby oil


I agree with both ideas (and Richard 0.1% Ha !!)


anything blasted slippery will be better than the dry rusty version you will find fitted

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