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Gearbox whine


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Hello folks, need some advice.  My Herald 13/60 gearbox whines quite loudly in 1st, much less so in 2nd, and not at all in 3rd and 4th.  Gears all select fine, synchro works well in the top 3 gears, and it doesn't slip out of any gear.  I am old enough to remember when most boxes whined like the devil, especially in 1st, but cannot remember if I ever heard a Herald do this when they were a lot younger than they are now.  Does anyone have a whining box as I've described, or are they all reasonably quiet?  If the whine sounds as if it may be excessive, is there a specific part/parts that could be the cause? I intend to rebuild the box soon, but want to ensure that I don't miss anything crucial.  Thanks, Merry Xmas to all,  Mike.

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Yes on 3 synchro boxes the 1st gear , and reverse are straight cut spur gears and yes whine is very normal if you wish to improve it then a 4sync from a mkIV spitfire will gove you synchro on 1st and helical cut quiet 1st gear.


Over the years Whine gets louder as the straight teeth get chimbled and worn due to crash engagements

this damages the sliding sleeve and the layshaft gears

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