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  1. I bought a set of Bosch W78 plugs from the Green sparkplug company https://www.gsparkplug.com/
  2. Checked the choke and operation of jets, all normal. So I fitted a replacement plastic pipe in original jet I used locktite to seal the pipe in the jet. No leaks and now running normally, so Venturi of new jet must be different/wrong. Thanks for your suggestions!
  3. Thanks Pete, I will check tomorrow
  4. Hi all Car has been very running well, but discovered leak on front carb jet, so have replaced. Leak cured but now running very rough at low speed and tickover. I thought it would be a straight swap, as I have not changed any adjustments. Anyone any ideas? It is definitely the correct jet! many thanks
  5. I've got a canley's clutch in my spitfire, no problems at all. Rimmer's stuff in overpriced in my opinion
  6. Minor issue as I know where the gears are😂 I will rectify!!!
  7. Hello Jeremy This is the original radio fitted to my 1972 spitfire. It's a Radiomobile 1070 apparently a popular choice at the time. I have had it converted to FM and a ipod/ MP3 player socke added. Hope this helps. All the best Paul
  8. Chris Witor sells Superflex polyurethane engine mounts £27.50 each. Will probably never need changing again!
  9. The overflow/vent pipes were originally a long plastic pipe connected with a rubber hose to the float chamber top. The idea was to vent the petrol fumes to road level. I think as Pete says the top of the float is slightly worn, this is causing the problem. Mine were worn but the only way I could see it was to take a photo and enlarge it on the computer!! There was a noticeable ridge. All the best
  10. I had a solid prop on my 1360 estate for years, never had a problem.
  11. Jeremy There is an alloy sealing block under the timing chain cover. The bottom timing chain screws/bolts and two sump bolts go into it. As it's alloy and 40 years old the threads can strip. If bolts or screws won't tighten the threads are stripped and will leak oil. Steel replacements are available from the club shop. Not too bad of a job to replace, I have had to do both my spitfire and 2500 recently. Cured the leak in that area. If the sump bolts at the front won't tighten that's the problem hope this helps
  12. Did 560 miles, went round the clock too on M48 in Wales
  13. Hi Pete, yes the head has been skimmed, probably twice. The garage where I brought the petrol seem quite busy so probably not stale fuel
  14. I have used a synchrometer with great success, great product!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/STE-Synchrometer-Weber-Dellorto-SYN001/dp/B00DHGX2D6/ref=pd_vtp_1?pd_rd_w=wU3zj&pf_rd_p=75613b4d-6e08-4583-9b7e-f6e766dc0b40&pf_rd_r=N34B559HGK28SJ2N4JZB&pd_rd_r=5f5637ed-dab9-4f4c-a011-6e745c3a6d9b&pd_rd_wg=O1qQa&pd_rd_i=B00DHGX2D6&psc=1
  15. I occasionally had this problem, I fiitted SU stay up floats with metal adjustable arms. Never had a problem since. Fitted to both of my car's.
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