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rust in seams


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Hi folks.


My cars is very sound bodily, though shows traces of rust around/top of quite a few seams. Guess this  rust in seams is common in classics (and hidden in newly painted "restored " ! ones). 


Not easy to sort properly I guess.


So, alternatively, clean up visual rust , treat/paint the surface to keep at bay and won't be rotted out for a long time hopefully.


Any advice great please.


Cheers, Dave



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Ifit is paint cracks in the seams then may I suggest a simple "treatment"?

Clean back the rust stain, often it is just tiny paint cracks, and T cutor even a good polish will get rid of the marks.

Then rub in some wax protection (the thin dinitrol is what I tend to use thesedays, but waxoil etc will work) right into the cracks.


It is not a permanent solution, but is pretty good at holding off  the issues.


Must say, I don't think I have seen a vitesse or herald that has been restored and actually used that does not have paint cracks in the seams in the rear deck, the ones that run up from the top boot corners. The ones that don't rust are the ones that never go out in the rain! There is just too much movement in the joints.

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