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Oil leak from front pinion seal


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Hi, apologies if this subject has been covered in the past, since completing the rebuild of my mk3 spitfire I've had a problem with my diff pinion oil seal leaking. Whilst I'm aware this I is not unusual on a spitfire I can almost watch it drip and have to top the diff off up with oil regularly. I've replaced the seal twice, the second time with the most expensive seal I could find (this did however look exactly the same as the cheap one I bought first) but it's no better. There is some pitting on the pinion where it is in contact with the seal and wonder if this can be refinished as I think this may be the problem and I believe they are not available. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Ian

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You may find that not inserting the seal fully will allow the lip to run on a unworn surface


skf make wear sleeves this is a thin tin sleeve you push over the worn jornal and use the same seal



do check the breather is not blocked, small split pin in a hole above the n/s output bearing


Or get a replacement coupling



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Hi, thanks Paul and Pete for the tips, the breather hole is clear and I thought about the position of the seal when I replaced it the second time but unfortunately the pinion is pitted along its entire length probably due to it been stood empty for about 30 years. I'm hoping to get to Stoneleigh in Feb and will be looking for a replacement, if that fails I'll try the metal filler or the sleeve option.

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