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Recommissioning after 7 years laid up... what do I need?


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Hi everyone, it's been about 7 years since I've been a member and about the same time since I've been able to drive my car. I've got a pretty mint 1972 GT6 mk3 with a 2.5 (non fuel injected). Unfortunately, however, moving house and job so often has meant that it hasn't run or moved for that time. For my sins it's not even been rolled forward/backwards etc.


It's been a long time since I've properly thought about the car and am now looking to get it back on the road.


I'd be really grateful if anybody out there could advise the most likely parts that will almost certainly need replacing to get it back on the road? Other than tyres, rubber hoses and water pump, that is :-)


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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All brake/clutch hydraulics for a start....


Put some oil down the bores and leave for a while. Drain the ol and put some cheap fresh oil in before trying to start.

Fresh battery, turn over with plugs out to get oil pressure up. Check/clean points etc


If it is rotoflex (should be) inspect the rubber donuts carefully. 


Lots of other stuff like checking wheel bearings and lubrication points......


Hope you left the handbrake off! Clutch probably seized, but should free off

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Tyres are definitely shot - plenty of air in them but will definitely be getting replaced.


All brake/clutch hydraulics for a start....

Do you reckon it's likely to need the various hydraulic cylinders replacing? No problem if so - I've had this car for 13 years now so want to make sure it's all done properly! Better to be safe than sorry...

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I would think so.

New wheel cylinders are cheap enough, calipers may just need a seal kit. Indeed the 2 master cylinders and clutch slave may just need seal kits. I would take off, check and then buy what I needed.


Water pump may be fine, that I would try. 

Cooling system will need a good flush (especially the block drain plug)

Fuel system may be poorly......

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All Filters , fan belts, ep 90 gl4 for top up trans and trunnions., carb diaphragms,

fuel pipe hoses , add a fuel filter,


drain old fuel out and refill with 97/99 super whatever


engine oil in a squirt can to lube all moving linkages, throttle and door locks etc..

Check screen washer




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